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Sometimes jumping into an established method of marketing can be a challenge; you don’t know the verbiage, you may have missed the introduction when “everyone” else took advantage of the new breakthrough, and you don’t want to appear an amateur when you first step out to Twitter as a social media platform. This primer will help ease your first steps into the world of Twitter.

Learn the Lingo

Here are a few basics to start with:

  • Tweet: Twitter message, up to 140 characters, plus video and photos. It can be embedded into webpages & is public unless you specify otherwise.
  • Retweet: A way to share tweets with other, this can be done manually or as a web retweet, which is when you click the “retweet” button. If you are simply sharing without adding additional comment, this is the best choice.
  • Feed: The place where your news and information is found.
  • Handle: This is your name. It is best if you can try to have consistency across all your platforms, so the same name or spelling is ideal.
  • Mention: The process of typing another user’s “handle” in messages, this is the way you share information and weave other users into your Twitter community.
  • Hashtag: The use of a # allows others to encounter similar topics based on your choice of words. Like searching with keywords, recent messages containing those words will reveal other similarly worded topics.

Choose your Twitter Strategy

You should define your goals with the Twitter platform so you can focus on what is successful to reach those goals. Consider who you want to reach by tweeting. This will help you decide what approach to take in your Twitter strategy.   Personal news may be more social and less valuable as a marketing tool for your industry or brand. Focusing on sharing content and commentary relevant to your trade, it will go further in attracting an audience of your industry. Twitter, however, IS a very social platform, so think about utilizing a mix of personal and professional tweets to add a more likable feel.

Don’t discount the use of Twitter for encouraging conversations among users, collecting feedback and improving your customer service, and even spreading the news about potential changes within your company like new acquisitions and job openings. Photos and videos are used successfully with Twitter; pictures say a lot in a small space and video is one of the fastest growing social marketing tools.

Tips to Use when Focusing on your Initial Twitter Set Up

  • Ensure your profile makes a great first impression! Don’t neglect any of the aspects of your profile, including image, social network consistency, description, and header. You want your followers to know exactly who you are and what your business is about.
  • Use photo and video right away. These are great tools to attract followers, so don’t wait to start using them until you have to put something out there. Start off with a bang.
  • A 140 character limit doesn’t mean you should fill that void; sometimes less is more, and variation keeps your followers guessing. Leave room for them to add mentions.
  • Additionally, great content beats lots of content. Put something good out there, not just something to fill space. Nobody wants to hear someone talking just to break up the silence.

Reach Out for More Specific (and Useful) Tools for Twitter Business Users

  • Use keywords efficiently to target the right audience.
  • Follow those companies and similar industry leaders whose reputations and connections are relevant to you and your potential followers.
  • Share the love when you find content that can add value to you; by quoting and retweeting remarkable content, you will build relationships.
  • Hashtag! This is paramount to using Twitter: the all-powerful#. This shares your content so you can connect with your audience.
  • Schedule: plan to maximize your content distribution.

Adding Twitter to Your Marketing Strategy

It really is never too late to add Twitter to your repertoire of social media platforms. By starting with a strategy, a plan, and a good outline of what you want to set up and share on Twitter, you can enter the Twitter arena strong and start building great relationships and lists of followers right away!

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