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Katrice Svanda

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We all reach that point where we feel ideas are stale, no new content or ideas are being generated, and, to be honest, we feel a little boring.  Get out of that funk and tap into the huge reserves in and outside of your organization with these top of the funnel content marketing ideas:

Share Your Story

In the literature world, biographies and autobiographies are one of the most popular genres of non-fiction.  Memoirs have recently seen a huge spike in demand and popularity.  Movie franchises have trilogies, prequels, and spin-offs.  People like to hear stories.  Why not tell them yours?  How did your company get started?  What are the ideas, messages, and motivations behind the creation of your brand?  Where do you see yourself going in the future?

People also love to hear about “the before” of your (hopefully) success story.  Tell them about how you got to where you are today.  What choices and obstacles did you encounter along the way?  If you were the underdog, share what kept you going and how you transcended that status.  People will feel a deeper connection with your business when they know your story – and this will be reflected in higher sales down the line.

Training Materials

Like any company, you likely have various manuals or training materials tucked in your desk drawer or stored in your filing cabinets.  You might even have several power point presentations used in meetings or training sessions that contain information your customers might find useful.  Distill and disseminate this content for easy reading by your audience.  Two points for reusing!

Rookie and Expert Interviews

Interviews are a great way to garner more information about certain topics or discussions that are currently popular, or ones that deserve more discussion time.  And, perhaps most important, they offer a fresh perspective.  Your rookies or experts can be people within your own organization (like your entry level staff or your company executives) or outside of it. Your audience likely isn’t made up exclusively of either newbies or seasoned professionals, so try interviewing both of these groups to appeal to different segments of your readership. 

Repurpose Feedback

You likely have a ton of feedback from customers – either through meetings with them, from fielding phone calls about various problems or questions that crop up, or as a result of feedback surveys.  You might even have a virtual library of comments from your company’s social media pages.  Find common threads and create content around those topics.  Create infographics and blogs that focus on the things your customers most care about by utilizing all the information they’ve already thrown your way.  They’ll appreciate the attention and likely tune in more often when they see how relevant your content is to their concerns.


We’ve all been there.  Business writing can get dry.  Try to infuse some humor into it, either through your written or your visual content.

Find some of your favorite internet memes and re-caption them with what they’d say according to your company or industry. Think about all the inside jokes of your company or industry and how those could be translated to memes.  Not sure where to start?  Google "top memes."  Start an email chain and challenge everyone to re-caption them with messages relevant to your company.  Publish the best ones and give your fellow industry experts a laugh.  Want to boost interaction? Ask your audience to rate their favorites and give the creator of the most popular one a prize.

Bottom Line: Have fun and don’t forget about all the cool ideas your people have every day.  Use these to infuse new life into your content marketing.

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