The Executive Playbook to Inbound Marketing and Sales Key Takeaways

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Katrice Svanda

The Executive Playbook to Inbound Marketing and Sales Key Takeaways.png

Digital Impact Agency had the pleasure to attend the HubSpot Executive Playbook to Inbound Marketing and Sales Seminar earlier this week in which industry professionals discussed enterprise inbound marketing from their own experiences and perspectives. It was enlightening and entertaining, and we wanted to share with you some of the key takeaways we walked away with in order to spread the inbound word. 

Content + Context = Inbound Marketing

Jessica Meher, Head of Enterprise Marketing, kicked off the seminar with a discussion about creating lovable marketing. The consumers of today do not respond to most of the interruption tactics used in the days of old.  We can fast forward through TV commercials, we can listen to Spotify instead of radio, and we can google just about anything we need. With that kind of power in their hands, inbound marketing is used to attract those already searching for their own information. Meher asked the all-important question - What would Oprah do? Oprah has created highly consumed and demanded media for decades. Her audience adores her and her Q score is out of this world. She gets how to create content that people love. As marketers, or enterprise businesses, it’s our job to stop being annoying and to start adhering to how our audience wants to learn about our products and services. We can do that through lovable inbound marketing.

Sales + Marketing = Smarketing

Dan Tyre, an executive at HubSpot, said it best when he remarked, “If you don’t believe in inbound marketing, you don’t believe in math.” The premise of his discussion was to look at the concept of “Smarketing,” aligning your sales and marketing departments to work together in order to effectively utilize inbound marketing. Companies that practice “Smarketing” achieve a 20% growth in one year, compared to a 4% decline in those companies who stick with the same old routine. For more information on and exploration of sales and marketing alignment, check out some of our past enterprise inbound marketing articles that discuss this concept in more detail.

He suggested four clear tasks for enterprise businesses to become successful smarketers: 

1. Agree on terminology

What is a lead? What is an opportunity? When is a lead ready to be contacted by a sales representative? Your sales and marketing departments need to agree on a clear definition on each stage of your customer buying cycle above all else. A helpful way to determine a marketing qualified lead and a sales qualified lead is through lead scoring.

2. Implement a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Consider what makes your marketing and what makes sales departments successful. Both departments need to work together to knock it out of the park. For example:

Marketing needs to send X amount of qualified leads to sales.

Sales needs to implement a follow-up cadence that’s applied to every lead for the highest close rate possible.

3. Manage Smarketing

Provide a transparent system where marketing and sales can see metrics in real time. In a software platform like HubSpot, it’s easy for both teams to see the numbers, plus as a bonus, your sales team can see key lead intelligence information.

4. Establish Inbound and Outbound Teams

No one is saying outbound marketing should go away completely, so in order to incorporate the marketing plan as a whole, create inbound and outbound marketing sales teams. The follow-through for a lead should create the same cadence in order for both strategies to be effective in producing sales. 

Inbound Rep

                           >   Account Executive (to close the sale)   >   Account Manager

Outbound Rep 

We thoroughly enjoyed attending Playbook13, and hope we could provide some insight into the evolving concepts discussed in the seminar. For more information on enterprise inbound marketing and sales and marketing alignment, contact us today, or download our sales and marketing alignment ebook below today. 

Guide to Aligning Sales and Marketing Quality Leads

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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