Social Media Terms and Meanings Volume 2: LinkedIn

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It may seem surprising to many professionals who spend any time online that there are still those who (a) don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or (b) have one but really don’t know enough about LinkedIn to make effective use of it. As with every other social media platform, LinkedIn has its own community, language, and tools. If you have an account, you might as well use it, and if you don’t, let’s get you ready to set one up!

Here are some basic terms and acronyms to get the ball rolling:


Anonymous Viewer. This term describes other LinkedIn users who view your profile but don’t necessarily want you to know. Most commonly used by recruiters, potential employers, or anyone who feels like they want to know more about you without you knowing about them.


Basic (vs. Premium) Account. LinkedIn offers a free basic account, with few features. If you upgrade to one of the premium accounts, you get features like monthly InMails, learning resources, expanded profiles and search results, and more storage space.


Connections.  These are the people you are connected to in LinkedIn. You create your own network when you invite other users to “connect” with you.


Degrees.  There are several degrees of connections: anyone you personally connect with is a first-degree connection; those connections’ connections are called second-degree connections, and third-degree connections are those connected to your second-degree connections. It sounds like a complicated family tree, doesn’t it? But don’t underestimate the power of that tree!


Elevate. Companies can utilize employees to share content and expand their network. This LinkedIn “paid employee advocacy” program allows your team members to share your company content across social media platforms to increase your audience.  You can also track the effectiveness with metrics provided with the program.


Fake Followers. This phenomenon really happens on social media sites. However, LinkedIn has a more stringent policy to prevent this from becoming rampant. To verify the authenticity of followers, be sure to follow these general guidelines: check the photo (does it seem “stock?”), check their work experience (does it fit your industry), do they have a ridiculous number of connections and do they seem appropriate, and do they have endorsements? Bottom line—go with your gut.


Groups. LinkedIn Groups are areas on LinkedIn where you can connect with similar LinkedIn users to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, and make business contacts. Businesses can use groups to connect with customers, and use groups to increase brand awareness and your company’s reputation.


Home. This is the first page you arrive at when you sign into your social media site. You can see activity within your network. This differs from your profile page, which features your personal information.


Introductions. A benefit of LinkedIn, is the network you can create in your industry. Introductions is a method to expand that network. By creating a message within the LinkedIn site (or the mobile app), you can request an introduction, or even introduce two individuals you know who aren’t introduced to each other.


Job Seeker. Looking for a job is one wonderful way to use LinkedIn! Brand yourself for the position or industry you are looking for, establish your availability, post a professional photo, list your valuable skills, provide referrals and recommendations, and use the site to search for potential employers!


Klout. This website uses analytics to rate users’ social influence with its “Klout Score.”  By measuring your social media network size, the content created, and how others are engaging with the content on several social media sites, it is supposed to provide an indicator of how influential and appealing you are.


Live Video Streaming. Self-explanatory, this is described as live video content displayed in real time for viewers.


Mention. Another option to recognize others (especially industry leaders or influencers) on LinkedIn. When you “mention” someone, others can click on the name and view that person’s profile. Yet another way to expand your network (and that of the person you mentioned!)


Network. Your group of contacts, including your first, second, and third-degree connections (see “C” above).


OMG. Well, we simply couldn’t find a good “O” social media term…at least nothing worth sharing. So, we’ll leave it with “Oh My Gosh!”


Paid Social Ads. Studies have shown that your LinkedIn audience is often not only the most interested in your company, but most likely to visit your website to find information about you, and your products and services. Further, LinkedIn Ads offer hyper-targeting by professional demographics, so you can reach more qualified leads. LinkedIn provides both cost-per-impression (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) ad options.


Recommendations. Job references and testimonials are ways that you and your connections can build the reputation and expertise of each other.


Social Relationship Platform (SRP). Software that helps marketers build stronger relationships with their influencers and consumers on social networks by performing activities like scheduling social media posts, maintaining databases of customer interactions, and monitoring engagement.


Troll. This is a common term for someone who spends time on social media sites (especially groups, forums and chat rooms) with the sole purpose of “stirring the pot” or trying to cause an argument. Many would say this describes a younger sibling as well.


User Statistics. For the purpose of using the “U,” here are some interesting LinkedIn statistics: As of October 2016, there are 106 million active monthly users, with 40% using it daily. 41% of LinkedIn users are millionaires, too.


Vlogging. A video blog or video log, this is a form of content which combines video with other types of communication like text or images. Video blogs can take advantage of LinkedIn’s blogging feature using an embed code.


WordPress. This online website creation tool is very popular and perhaps one of the easiest ways to create and manage your website. You can embed your LinkedIn profile in your WordPress site and add LinkedIn sharing and follow buttons.

LinkedIn and More Social Channels

Only a smattering of social media terms you will encounter, this group will get you on the right road to using LinkedIn! We are still traveling among social media terms and sites, so pack your bags for the next stop…Instagram.

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