Optimize Marketing Campaigns Using Twitter Online Conversion Tracking

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Marketers are under constant pressure to justify the impact of marketing campaigns on their company’s bottom line. It is critical for marketers to use marketing metrics to understand the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

In today’s digital world, social media campaigns lead to website visitors and customer purchases. Analyzing the impact of marketing campaigns across social media channels like Facebook and Twitter cannot be accomplished successfully without advanced tracking tools, like Google Analytics. Promotional “tweets” have grown in popularity and conversion rates when it comes to driving visitors from the Twitter campaign page to the company website. However, it has proven difficult to attribute customer conversions back to the original promoted tweets. That is, until now. Introducing, conversion tracking for Twitter ads.  

What is Conversion Tracking for Twitter Ads?

This measurement and reporting tool is available to all marketers as a method of understanding “the full conversion impact of impressions and engagements from Promoted Tweets so they can properly optimize their campaigns” (Twitter blog - December 18, 2013).

How Does Conversion Tracking Work?

In order to track customer conversions and specific customer actions, you must place a conversion tag (code) on your website. For example, this can be on your website’s purchase confirmation page. When a website visitor confirms a purchase on your website, the conversion tag sends a report back to Twitter to record a purchase transaction. Twitter matches the purchase transactions to the specific visitors who engaged in your Promoted Tweets, thus, tying visitor actions on your website to your Twitter marketing campaigns

Benefits of Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking enables marketers to view conversion reporting on the most effective Tweets, including the number of converted users and the cost per action. Thus, you can focus on repeating the Twitter promotions that work and eliminate the ones that don’t. Conversion tracking provides a full view of the timeline between Twitter impressions and customer actions, making it possible for you to understand users’ interactions with promoted tweets during the attribution window. An advertiser can choose an attribution window of 1, 7, 14, 30, or more days. This post-engagement attribution includes a user’s Tweet expand, Retweets, replies, favorites, or follows of a promoted tweet before converting into a customer. 

Your golden opportunity is here. Conversion tracking enables marketers to measure, analyze, and understand the ROI of their Twitter ad spend. Use Twitter conversion tracking to optimize your online marketing campaigns, better engage your customers, and drive more sales revenue!

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