New Products and Major Announcements from HubSpot INBOUND 2017

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At this year’s annual HubSpot INBOUND conference, five new and exciting products were introduced to increase the success of marketing teams.  Each of these new tools can be added to your organization’s existing HubSpot account, making them a more streamlined marketing machines!

HubSpot Sales Professional

A platform to help your sales team improve their productivity, tighten up the sales funnel and increase conversation and closes, the Sales Pro is one of HubSpot’s newest tools for sales departments. Integrating with HubSpot’s CRM as well as Salesforce, it is designed to provide your team with:

  • Improved management of contacts through meetings, calls and email scheduling automation;
  • Predictive lead scoring, allowing your sales team to receive the best leads;
  • Live chat capabilities provide an individualized touch;
  • Email tools like tracking and notification with customizable templates;
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook of increase automation.

An affordable tool at only $50/month per user, you can also add on the option of having email access to a wide variety of additional customized reports and templates at an additional charge.

Conversations for HubSpot CRM Free

The disconnected nature of a multi-sales team is repaired with Conversations. As consumers look to messaging and live chat for more of their business conversations, it provides a free messaging platform to support and grow your one-on-one exchanges.

  • Gather prospect messages in one location for easy sorting and access;
  • Share conversation details across your sales team to provide complete sales transparency and increase lead touch times;
  • Integration into your established HubSpot CRM Free means you are inundated with a wealth of information about prospects and customers;
  • Automation allows customers to be contacted whenever they need and in what avenues they prefer, and bots handle simple day-to-day questions, freeing up your team for more complicated and detailed interactions.
  • Motion AI acquisition: Expanding on the use of chatbots in today’s digital marketplace, HubSpot has acquired This will enable organizations to build chatbots to communicate with their customers, in language they use in their industry.

The Customer Hub

Designed for use in conjunction with Conversations, the Customer Hub transforms simple customer dialogue into manageable client cases. With options for customers to provide data in the form of feedback, insights, and suggestions, you gather information via several avenues to improve your engagement and help center capabilities.

HubSpot Collect

A tool aimed to speed up the process of content creation and connection, Collect is a Chrome extension which allows you to clip articles, previous blog posts, quotes, and even images for reuse. Your clipped content is available to all team members for future use (including adding notes, ideas, and suggestions for further use), reducing the need for copying and pasting research you use, and making your latest content easier to create and post.

HubSpot Marketing tools expanded

As if Marketing wasn’t already a great platform, it is now being expanded with the addition of several tools to help your team engage your audience and nurture your customer relationships.

  • Content Strategy: Moving beyond the theory of keyword searches, HubSpot’s Content Strategy looks to understand topics which are important to your organization and audience, improving your strategy and streamlining the execution. This is where ranking and customer-driven content come together! With reporting incorporated into the platform, you can measure ROI and visualize effects of the recommended content on traffic patterns, lead generation, and customer acquisition.
  • Campaign Analytics: Measuring sales results is cut-and-dry in a revenue-driven world. However, due to the disconnected nature of marketing and sales, it is easy to underestimate your marketing team’s contributions without the ability to really measure their impact. By creating visual results of your campaigns, you can finally measure some of the results, like new contacts (including which campaigns impacted them), how much revenue was stimulated by a specific campaign, and even comparing campaigns against each other.
  • Facebook Ads Audience Sync: This ad-on tool allows you to sync your HubSpot lists with your targeted Facebook audiences, providing opportunity to re-target based on their Facebook actions. This helps you sort through the Facebook traffic and allows you to keep your audience engaged and bring them through the sales funnel with targeted content.
  • Instagram Reminder: Although Instagram doesn’t allow direct publishing, you need to maximize your exposure on this platform, hence the reason for Instagram Reminder! The reminder system keeps you on top of the scheduling from HubSpot (which you already do for other social media platforms), so your content can be ready to go when you receive a reminder from your HubSpot app. You then access your previously-created content, and copy and paste into your Instagram account. Presto!

HubSpot’s latest slate of new projects is sure to bring the efficiency and productivity of your marketing team to new levels. Additional opportunities for reporting help your team decide where and when time and money is best spent within your marketing campaigns. Improved integrations and collaborations with your social media sites and other marketing tools allow information to flow more freely across channels, and your audience reach is extended. Look for these HubSpot tools to complement the success of your marketing and sales teams! The team at Digital Impact Agency is a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency with Certified Inbound Marketers to help you create strategies to meet your business goals and maximize your ROI. Complete our free inbound marketing assessment, and let us help you create a plan for your marketing success!

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