Must Have Apps & Technology for #GivingTuesday

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Mobile access is one of the driving forces behind the overwhelming success of #GivingTuesday. With new products and applications being introduced for raising funds, it is high time for nonprofits to explore options which can increase their efficiency and overall success in raising money (and awareness) for their cause.

Productivity Tools for #GivingTuesday

One of the most important first steps of a great #GivingTuesday campaign is to have a motivated team, charged and ready to start your fundraising campaign. Hit the ground running with Trello. This platform allows your entire marketing team to view and work within the dashboard, with segmented teams, checklists, and priorities all set in one place. Communicate with each other and pass tasks off to new departments with the Trello map. With technology like Trello, you can ensure your branding is woven throughout your #GivingTuesday campaign, from initial touch points, to content, to “thank you” engagement. Integrations, file management, automation, and mobile apps for anywhere accessibility are all included.

Social Media Tools for #GivingTuesday

Reaching your supporters where they visit on social media sites is easy, and with measurable results and several platforms to find (and segment) an audience, social media should not be overlooked. #GivingTuesday requires a short burst of inspiring content, so organize your strategy so you can watch the results and work on your year-end campaign. Scheduling content across multiple sites allows you to balance your campaigns, creating a seamless flow from one to the next.  Hootsuite simplifies the process, providing complete analytics so users can measure their ROI.  With features like scheduling, content creation and sharing options, and of course, analytics, your marketing team can focus on providing remarkable content worth distributing. Increase productivity by preparing and scheduling an entire campaigns’ worth of content in a small amount of time.  Also, become responsive to the sentiment about your brand with intuitive monitoring and notifications, all provided on an easy-to-read dashboard.

Tool for Maximizing the #

One of the main parts of #GivingTuesday is, of course, the #! You may even have a fun, branded hashtag you really want to use, but need some metrics to back it up. Why not improve your use of the hashtag with Hashtracking? A tool specifically for Twitter and Instagram, the app allows you to review your activity over several timeframes, A/B test several hashtags to determine the most productive choice, review engagement, and even measure peak use.  Additionally, you can find out who is using the same hashtag and if a collaboration could help its performance. This affordable tool can certainly help you with your Twitter campaigns!

Email Tools for #GivingTuesday

MailChimp is truly the old standby for email marketing campaigns. Although #GivingTuesday is a more mobile-focused event, email is still a valuable tool, both for building excitement and communicating with your donors and volunteers. Additionally, its simple dashboard (no coding necessary, either!) and integration with WordPress help you to establish a regular schedule of email content, long after your #GivingTuesday event. With free creative templates for any theme, strong segmentation tools, integration options for ecommerce, and thorough metrics, you learn through the extensive resources how to create engaging and highly visual email campaigns which provide results. Further, MailChimp provides a good support team and plenty of training so you can become the email marketing expert of your team.

Mobile Tool for #GivingTuesday

Looking for an innovative way to utilize your network with local corporate and business sponsors? Consider utilizing Check-in for Good, an app specifically designed for raising funds on smartphones and tablets (and even desktops). You can create your own fundraising page, and by collaborating with your sponsors, their clients and customers can make donations to the cause the business supports (you!) while at their location! You can include your branding, tell a story, include video and testimonials, and share your new Check-In for Good campaign on social media, advertising both your cause and your supporters’ business to a new audience. It’s a win-win situation!

Popularity Tool (really!) for #GivingTuesday

Do you want to know how your name/brand is perceived and shared across various online sites? Mention monitors your brand, providing you with data about your audience’s attitude and perception about you, providing you with data about your industry and your performance, as well as that of your competitors. This application is available on smart phone, tablet, or desktop, and keeps you up-to-date with daily reports, allowing you to respond quickly to kudos and complaints. By tracking a competitor or related organization’s name, you become more intuitive to your audience’s likes and dislikes, and improve your ability to provide the most appropriate content, determine the most influential users of your name, and reply in conversations where your brand is mentioned (no pun intended).

Utilize Technology for #GivingTuesday

As a mobile-focused event, #GivingTuesday is the perfect opportunity to use new apps and tools to improve your marketing strategies for fundraising this year. Whether trying a new tactic or simply expanding on one you have been using for a while, track your previous years’ performance so you can accurately measure the results you want to achieve.


Not sure where to start? We have years of experience in creating marketing campaigns to maximize awareness for your mission and increase your reach and engagement. From marketing strategy to content creation and analytics, we can guide your organization to a more effective and profitable experience. Let us help you get ready for a rewarding #GivingTuesday!

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