Measure and Optimize Your Retargeting Campaign Performance

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Now that you have been running your retargeting campaign, you really want to know how it is working. Is the technique you chose (or combination of techniques) providing you with the ROI you wanted? Should the retargeting campaign performance be tested further? Would a different style work better?

This can seem a daunting task when compared to creating your retargeting campaign. There is a lot to consider and it is hard to decide where to start. Thankfully, there are several tactics to consider to measure and optimize your retargeting campaign performance.

1. Blacklist

Blacklist sites that are not meeting your goals. Low-performing domains can cost you ROI boosts of up to 30%. Don’t decide too quickly; start with short blocks of time (data), remembering that you CAN change your mind and unblock sites if you want to try again or to gather more information. Blacklist any domains with click rates of less than 0.01% or so, with zero conversions.

2. Look-Back Window

Change your look-back window, which is the time period you want to target a visitor. This is also called a cookie duration, as you are determining the period of time you place a cookie on your visitor. A good default time period for this is 30 days, as it is a good balance between audience size and conversion likelihood. As you become more skilled at optimizing your retargeting campaign performance and depending on your purchase life cycle, you may want to revisit this number.

3. Ad Frequency

Limit the ad frequency. You want to balance clicks and conversions with annoying overexposure. If your product is an impulse purchase, the combination of a higher frequency with shorter look-back might be more appropriate, and conversely, if your selling cycle is long, an extended look-back and scarcer frequency could be the winning combination. Just remember that fatigue does happen, and it can dissuade leads to make a purchase, undermining your retargeting campaign performance.

4. View-Through Conversions

Consider view-through conversions (post-impression data). Most people don’t click on display ads like they do search ads; these visitors are your largest percentage of visitors, so don’t ignore them.  Click data under reports performance, so you shouldn’t optimize just for this. Post-impression responses can offer the highest lifetime value, as it imprints branding value onto the visitor. Try “incrementally testing,” where retargeting campaign performance is compared to a non-branded control campaign. You may be pleasantly surprised at your results.

5. Test, Test, Test

Conducting A/B tests to establish credit for your campaigns. Recall your one main objective/goal and start there. Some portion of your visitors would have converted without seeing a single ad, so perhaps you should measure click-through, view-through, or a combination of both conversions. Remember to keep your test and control groups as pure as possible (start with just one variable at a time), and run the test for several conversion cycles for the most accurate results.

Improving Retargeting Campaign Performance

Retargeting truly is a great tool, and offers a great opportunity for high ROI when you try one—or several—of these tactics. By optimizing and measuring your retargeting campaign performance, you can increase long-term customer engagement, retention, and repeat purchases.


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