Make Cents of Big Data with Enterprise Inbound Marketing

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Katrice Svanda

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According to IBM, we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data across the globe every day.  With continuing technological advances and sharing capabilities, we’ve managed to create 90% of the data floating around in this world in just the last two years.  I can see you simultaneously smile and cringe at the thought of it.  With all this data, and its exponentially growing nature, the question on everyone’s mind is:  how do I find the data I need and use it at the right time and in the right place?  The answer to this question is the difference between getting lost in the mountain of information out there or using the power of data to reach a peak of profits.  The answer is enterprise inbound marketing.  In other words, establish a plan and create processes.

Let’s take one step back.  You might be wondering, what qualifies as big data? In a word, everything.  Data from social media posts, digital video and pictures, text messages, purchase records, and much, much more could fall under your big data umbrella.  We call it big data when the information is something that would be helpful to your company in driving customer engagement, acquisition, and sales.  Let’s explore this world of big data and how you can translate all these bits and bytes into numbers that marketing and sales can use to help your company reach its goals.

Automated Marketing Software

The first place to look for help with big data is your automated marketing software.  This software interprets big data, distilling all the pools of information you collect into numbers that your marketing and sales people can actually use.  Raw data can seem meaningless.  Aggregated and processed data is a goldmine.  Your software likely has all kinds of tools that can help you.  For example, how do you treat your leads?  Once you’ve captured their emails, do they all get lumped into the same nurturing campaign?  Or do you have ways to categorize leads as warm or cold, with corresponding messages for these groups in place?  Institute a lead intelligence program that tracks all your interactions with these folks, one that can notify the marketing team when leads are marketing qualified, the sales team when leads are sales qualified.  A couple of good ways to distinguish between leads?  Lead persona and lead life cycle stage.  A full enterprise inbound marketing strategy can define the data collected into useful benchmarks and intelligence to increase profit.

Marketing Qualified Leads vs. Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Automation

So, you have your thresholds and scoring determined for leads.  Your marketing qualified leads are likely those individuals who have done something like download an eBook, your sales qualified leads the people who requested a demo.  Now let’s take a few steps back.  How do your leads get from marketing to sales?  Your leads enter your marketing database and are placed in the appropriate bucket based on your scoring system.  They are then nurtured until they reach a specified score or threshold (here is a move you’ll want to automate).  Then sales get leads in the CRM system that they can either cultivate or manually place back into the marketing database if the lead isn’t quite ready to buy.  Following this process saves both marketing and sales teams time and avoids leads getting lost in the marketing database or moving to sales before they are ready to purchase.

Use your data to send even more targeted content to leads and watch your lead retention and conversion rates increase.  Enterprise inbound marketing is an organization wide marketing plan that gets everyone on the same page.  It’s not always easy, but definitely worth it when done well.  So harness all the data you have floating around and use it to power your organization.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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