LinkedIn Introduces New Lead Gen Forms

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LinkedIn has already earned the reputation of being one of the most used social networking sites for business professionals, with over 467 million users reported in late 2016. They are poised to increase their popularity with marketers with the introduction of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. This new format is designed to improve the collection of quality leads, especially on mobile devices.

The use of sponsored content campaigns has been a welcome tool, but users are turned off by clunky website forms which are simply not as effective on mobile as they are in desktop applications. We all know that sponsored content is a successful method for sharing interesting information and educating audiences on LinkedIn. However, now you can maximize your targeting of mobile users with the new Lead Gen Forms application.

How Does It Work?

When a LinkedIn member clicks on one of your sponsored ads, the info from their profile automatically populates a form which is already included in the app. They are relieved of the task of completing the form by hand, and the information is submitted immediately.

Now you have a comprehensive list of your potential lead’s demographics, including:

  • Work status
  • Position and seniority
  • Name and work contact information

Instant "Thank You"

Your visitor is then directed to an internal “Thank You,” which you can set up for them to immediately access your content, or visit a particular website page.

What Makes It Great For You?

There are several reasons that Lead Gen Forms will be an exciting new addition to your marketing strategy on LinkedIn:

  • Leads are highly qualified: Because LinkedIn users provide detailed, accurate information due to the business nature of the site, you know you are getting the most current demographics.
  • Manage your leads seamlessly: Once you have a list of leads, you can download them or simply pass them on to your company’s CRM, adding them to your marketing schedule.
  • Analytics: You can not only track your leads, but you can monitor your ROI of your campaigns, including your segmentation, the cost per lead, and the completion rate of the Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen forms is currently designed for Sponsored Content campaigns, but LinkedIn plans on extending their use to other campaigns, as well as for desktop use. Additional metrics may be added in the future, as well.

So, if you are already using LinkedIn Sponsored Content and want to get more for your marketing plan, or simply considering joining in with thousands of other marketers targeting LinkedIn users, now is a great time to target your mobile audience with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms!

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