It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Share.

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Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic and entrepreneur at heart, is the first person to reach 1 million followers on LinkedIn according to Mashable

LinkedIn rolled out the follow feature in early October to the 150 people they deemed as “super influencers” in an attempt to build community around thought leaders. By controlling who is a super influencer, Linkedin ensures quality content that surrounds business topics to align with the network’s niche.

Thought leadership goes above and beyond the call for traditional advertising. The likes of Richard Branson, Ford Motors’ Scott Monty and Seth Godin are a special breed. They have successfully carved out a niche in their respective fields as experts – people worth listening to. The idea of content marketing is to capitalize on this same principle, but act as a company thought leader, rather than just the CEO or social media guy.  However, producing content just to have content defeats the purpose. Companies must find the balance of provoking thought, while not smothering their contact list or followers.

The beauty of using social media and blogs to release your ideas and insights is that it opens the door for a conversation. By addressing comments and interacting with your audience, your company fully reveals its knowledge and credibility.  You also show respect to your audience when you engage in conversation. There’s no robot or 20-something running your accounts. It’s a real company that listens to its audience and provides value they can’t find anywhere else. 


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