Instagram Newbie? How to Tackle Your First Post

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You’ve set up your Instagram profile. You’re thinking: now what? Your first post doesn’t have to be your “guinea pig” post. This guide is based on you having clear goals and some ideas of what you want to say with your Instagram account. Make it a great first impression with these tools:

Facebook to Start

You should have a Facebook page. Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook so they are essentially tied together. You will simply set up an Instagram profile, and then tap Switch to Business Profile. Then connect your Facebook business page to Instagram. With your business account, you will get additional contact details included, and have access to Instagram Insights, giving you demographics on your followers, and gather information to define your marketing needs based on your audience.

Instagram Adverts Manager

There are several tools found within the Adverts Manager section.

  • Objective: helps you decide what type of advertisement you want to place, be it awareness, engagement, or conversion.
  • Audience: Then you will decide who and where your audience is: location, age, gender, even interests and behaviors, along with options for how you already connect with them. These help you create content that matches their needs.
  • Placements: You will choose locations on Instagram where placement would drive most traffic; you do have the option of editing this as you need.
  • Budget and Schedule: Finally, you will choose your budget and frequency of the ads.

Design Thoughts

  • Your images need to fit your brand. If you have chosen a color scheme, font style or logo, try to use some of these aspects in your posts.
  • Consistency is key and helps your followers know it is your company. Your followers will rely on this to determine the authenticity of your photos; whether it be just a photo to share or an advertisement, they will recognize you.
  • Have a purpose for your post. Do you want to tell a story, develop a theme, or invoke a feeling in your viewers?
  • Don’t neglect the quality of the actual photograph: keep in mind the usual rules, like focal points, lighting, framing and background.
  • Hashtags! These really help drive traffic when used well, as they help users discover content (and maybe your profile as well) which may interest them. Once you upload a photo/video and select your editing options, choose the # plus the text or emoji you will post, and then will choose OK at the top of the screen and

Follow the Rules

There are some guidelines you will need to follow to analyze your ads. As mentioned above, Instagram Insights comes with tools to help you discover:

  • There are size requirements based on the shape of your ad: Square (min. 600 pixels, max 1936 pixels), landscape (min. 600 x 315 pixels, max 1936 pixels), and vertical (min. 600 x 750 pixels, max 1936 pixels)
  • Video size is up to 4 GB.
  • Captions can be up to 300 characters.
  • No website URLs are allowed in captions. Make sure your business profile is complete!


Once you have placed your posting or ad, it’s time to see and analyze your results.

  • Track your comments and followers (you can even leave your own comment or question to encourage engagement)
  • Followers’ gender, age and location
  • Reach/Increase in followers
  • Website Clicks

With this guide, you are ready for your first Instagram post! Even though you may be hesitant to expect a lot of success with this initial attempt, you now have the tools to make your first one a good one!

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