How Video Marketing is Evolving​

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As the landscape of digital marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, one trend stands out; video marketing. This type of marketing is suited for today’s consumer, easily shared, interest grabbing and accessible effortlessly from mobile devices.

Not only have we seen a huge growth in video marketing, with 96% of B2B companies using video in their marketing campaigns, but there is also growth and the introduction of new video formats. Video has been proven to improve marketing success, with increased click-through and conversion rates. This has helped define video marketing as one of the fastest forms of marketing, and one you should not ignore.

Here are some new video marketing uses rapidly growing which you should pay attention to:

Live Video

Consumers are surfing the internet at speeds unheard of five years ago, and streaming is no longer just for high-paying urban dwellers. Facebook live video has gained popularity quickly, and consumers have come to expect the human interaction and experience with this format.

The social use of video is a new phenomenon. There was a time that one immediately thought of YouTube when the term “online video” was mentioned. However, social platforms are king when it comes to video sharing now, and 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others using multiple channels.

Content Rich Video

Although the days of short video are not behind us, there is a drive for longer, content-rich video which impresses viewers with statistics, infographics and several sections. Consumers are poised for more detailed content and tend to share longer posts. This means your detailed articles rank high on Google. It is a win-win situation!

Video marketing is shown to increase conversion by 80% when included in a landing page, and click-through for email rates skyrocket over 200% with the addition of video. A branded video increases website visits, thus improving your site’s search engine optimization. The use of a content-filled video is an excellent way to provide a plethora of information without bombarding visitors with too much detail in one location.

Interactive Video

Interactive Video will continue to grow. We, as consumers, know the enjoyment of interactive video—it increases engagement without feeling so “sales.” Skilled marketers understand the value of interactive video, which captures the attention of views and enhances brand significantly better than static messaging. With the introduction of calculators and quiz tools, even small companies can take advantage of these exciting content additions.

Native Ads

Part of content marketing, native advertising is a way to promote your brand without interfering with a user’s experience. This content-based form is informative, interesting and extremely targeted to the reader/viewer. The material complements the visited site in its expertise, promoting engagement versus some like a banner ad. It has been said that “you are more likely to survive a plane crash than have someone click on your banner ad.” Native advertising is proven, especially on mobile devices, and as consumer trust of traditional advertising declines, the opportunity for native ads to fill in the resulting gap is great. Snapchat is the front-runner in distributing native advertising content and has reported that it expects to see revenues from native advertising of nearly $1B this year.

Video Marketing

These are just four of some of the biggest video marketing trends emerging in 2017, and the evolution from where video advertising started a few years ago is impressive. Consumer expectations are rising, nearly more rapidly than improvements can be made, and it is crucial in today’s marketing world for companies to be prepared for new technology and consumer-driven marketing developments to appear on the forefront. One of the greatest aspects of these new and exciting releases is that, with user-friendly formats and an exhaustive amount of analytics at marketers’ fingertips, any size company can participate successfully.

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