How to Revise Your Value Proposition and Attract the Prospects You Want

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Katrice Svanda

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You’ve got an innovative new product or service. Your team has planned the perfect marketing funnel. You’ve invested your valuable resources into the launch. You’re ready for the customers to come to you in droves, you’re convinced that they’re just going to throw money at you, and then…..crickets.

This is what happens when you fail to define the right value proposition. But let’s take a step back for a second.

What exactly is a value proposition?

A value proposition is an assurance of some future value to be given to your customer. When someone invests in your brand, it is your value proposition that principally allows him or her to do so. Essentially, it is a statement that addresses exactly how your product or service is solving an important issue for your customer.

This statement should touch on

  1. How this is relevant to your customer
  2. How the benefit to your customer is measured and
  3. What you offer that your competition doesn’t.

A value proposition should appear in your customer’s immediate view when they visit your site. Note that it is not a slogan or catch phrase. It’s a clear-cut statement that outlines your value in terms the reader can understand.

Here are some ways to revise your value proposition to get the customers that you want.

Reassess Your Copy

Copywriting 101 says that you need to communicate with your customers in their language. It’s important to know how they describe things to each other and what will be an effective way to describe things to them. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners aren’t copywriters – they either guess what they think their audience wants to hear or they write product descriptions their own terms. To find out what terms your customers are using, follow them on social media, or better yet interview them directly.

Cut Out Everything But The Necessities

When revising your value proposition you want to eliminate all the fluff, cut out everything but the necessities. It’s easy to want to beef up your description in order to lure customers in, but this can do more harm than good. Clarity is of paramount importance. Remember again to touch on the benefits to your customer, how these benefits are quantified and how you differ from your competitors.

Be Honest

A quality value proposition isn’t a pitch ridden with sales rhetoric. It’s straight to the point and doesn’t generate unnecessary hype. Honesty is like gold to clients, if they feel you are authentic you will have a huge leg up on the competition.

Include Boosters

Boosters are small additions to your value proposition that can help tip the scales in your favor when your customers are making a purchasing decision. A booster may include something like a free bonus, free shipping, a discount on the first month, or a money-back guarantee.

Make sure your value proposition is clear, that you’ve have done enough market research to communicate effectively to your customer and you will be well on your way to generating loyal customers.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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