How Technology-Based Companies Use Inbound Marketing to Grow Relationships and Capture New Business

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Katrice Svanda

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Marketing your business serves a critical role in building an industry presence and a loyal customer base. Traditional marketing strategies are still being used; however, their effectiveness is fading. One of the most powerful marketing strategies is inbound marketing. Technology firms use inbound marketing to connect with their target audiences in more engaging and meaningful ways. This generates leads, who ultimately become customers and brand promoters in the long-run. Inbound marketing not only appeals to your audience’s interests in a natural and non-invasive way, but it also saves marketers time and money.

How many technology marketers use inbound marketing?

A recent report by the Content Marketing Institute found that 46% of technology marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.

How do your competitors use inbound marketing?

The most used channels and tactics were social media (other than blogs), case studies, and videos with 86-91% of respondents utilizing these tools.  Webinars/webcasts, videos, and case studies were ranked as the most effective inbound marketing tactics among technology marketers who use them. Ironically, there is a disconnect between the marketing tactics used most often and those ranked as most effective. Social media is used most often, but it does not rank on the top 10 most effective marketing tactics. While 70% of technology marketers indicate that webinars/webcasts are the most effective tactics, it only ranks as the eighth most frequently used strategy. In order to maximize inbound marketing success, technology marketers must align their most used tactics with the most effective tactics.

How do technology-based firms measure inbound marketing efforts?

While 69% of respondents used website traffic analytics to measure inbound marketing success, only 30% utilized qualitative feedback from customers.  

How do firms benefit from integrating inbound marketing into their businesses?

Inbound marketing strategies make it possible for you to reach your audience more effectively and gain a competitive advantage. Tap into the right marketing channels and offer prospects relevant and engaging content for a superior customer experience. Capturing your audience’s attention is just the start. Pairing valuable inbound marketing content with a strong website leads to credibility and validation as a reputable technology firm. You will be seen as the leading expert, thus, attracting more customers.

How do the best technology firms employ inbound marketing?

The most successful firms that use inbound marketing:

  • Create meaningful relationships with their audiences by listening to their needs and interests
  • Maintain a professional and consistent brand image across different online channels, including the company website, blog, and social media pages
  • Generate relevant and engaging content that positions them as reputable experts within the technology industry 
  • Use SEO and keyword tools to improve search engine rankings, so that people looking for specific information or services can easily find them
  • Pair inbound marketing content and website content with calls-to-action, to prompt visitors and prospects to become customers

How can you get started?

The first step in developing a content marketing strategy is to determine your audience. What are your buyer personas? These are fictional representations of “ideal” customers based on their pain points, motivations, personalities, and demographics. Once you identify your audience, you can better understand their wants and needs, and, ultimately, create content that addresses their interests. Where do they go to look for information? Making your content accessible to those who need it is encompassed in an inbound marketing campaign.

Once you know your audience and your goals, you can design an inbound marketing plan that best fits the situation. Your main plan of action might be to establish a strong presence on social media channels, or enhance lead nurturing through your emails and blogs. Most importantly, ensure that you have the tools and processes in place to support the measurement and analytics of marketing metrics.

Attract visitors. Convert them into leads. Close them into customers. And Transform them into promoters. These four steps are the building blocks of effective inbound marketing.

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Katrice Svanda

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