How Nonprofits Attract Donors Through Blogging and Content Marketing

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The biggest asset any nonprofit has is your story. Donors are compelled to support your cause when they see the value and feel the same passion for your cause as you do. However, one of the biggest challenges for nonprofits is how to actually get your story out there to inform and inspire potential supporters.  That’s where blogging can help.

When you think of non-traditional media, imagine your job is to cast out a big net through inbound marketing tactics such as blogging, social media, video, etc… Those who bite, or convert to a lead by completing the call-to-action you requested, are the people who are more engaged in your cause and more cost-effective to cater. We’ve looked at some tips for video for nonprofits in the past, so today let’s focus on blogging.

Blogging is one of the most strategic ways to generate traffic to your website. By utilizing keywords within your blog posts, you create content that the search engines can pick up and show to those interested in a cause like yours. Aside from search engine ranking, blogging communicates your message and your story. It’s your opportunity to move people and truly illustrate all the good work you do.

Case Studies

Retaining donors is a tough job, especially with outside obstacles such as a weakened economy (although for some, a weakened economy is one of the most important times for your nonprofit to help) or other nonprofits competing for the same group of people. In addition to retaining donors, a healthy influx of new donors is important to help balance the fluctuation in your current donor base. When making the ask, a good case study that shows where the dollars go and how they helped someone is imperative to connecting donors to you cause. Take that same principle and apply it online. Use your blog to feature those who your nonprofit is helping. Your website copy can only say so much. Your blog gives you an arena to constantly update your donor base on past case studies, learn about new ones and routinely prove their dollars really mean something good for the world.

Bonus Tip: Combine your case studies for a quarterly or monthly e-newsletter, depending on how many you can feature, to update your donors on your successful campaign. You may have a specific campaign season, but donors hate only hearing from you when you’re knocking on their door for money. Send positive messages and meaningful stories so when it’s time to make the ask, you are in a better position to ask for more.

Feature Your Volunteers

As a potential donor, I may hear from your nonprofit regularly on why I should help, but hearing that same information from someone like me who is not only donating their funds but also their time means much more. Feature volunteers who you know will advocate for your cause. Just as your case studies are faces for your nonprofit, your volunteers can be equally as powerful. Allow your volunteers to write a guest blog post about their experiences and why they are so passionate. Feature one a month, and add it to your e-newsletter for even more heart-felt, sincere advocacy for your cause.

Bonus Tip: Allow one of your trusted volunteers to run a one-hour Twitter Q&A session on behalf of your brand. Not only does it connect donors to more people within your cause, it also creates some excellent searchable content.

Provide Quality Content for Those You Help

Your blog doesn’t just have to be geared toward donors. Those who you help may also benefit from educational content. For example, if you run a program to help at-risk youth to complete their education, create a blog post of a list of free online resources and tutoring. This not only helps the children in your program, but it also shows donors your passion and commitment to make a difference.

Bonus Tip: Ask others who produce content to help your recipients to guest blog or for you to guest blog on their blog. They may have some great content ideas for your recipients and vice versa.

We hear sometimes from our clients at first that they prefer face-to-face asks and tend to shy away from digital media and inbound marketing – and that’s okay. Face-to-face asking is pivotal and can typically earn a higher contribution, and we are not suggesting you change your process in that manner. However, a few tweaks in the beginning of your process in terms of educating and informing people of your cause can make a huge difference in your overhead and bottom line – which ultimately provides more funds for those you are trying to help. Blogging lays the groundwork for attracting donors and inbound marketing works to identify those who are ready to be approached. So gather your stories and start spreading your message today!

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