How Color Plays a Vital Role in Branding

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Katrice Svanda

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One of the major keys to success, if not the biggest key, is branding. Branding can be business or personal. People with talent are often encouraged to “brand themselves” and then market their brand. This doesn’t just signify sending out emails and hopping on Twitter five times a day. No, this means creating a persona that people can identify with. It means showing your personality even when you aren’t able to say anything.

This is why color is such a huge component in branding. Certain shades give off certain feelings and provide an in depth look into a person or a business. It wouldn’t make too much sense for a motivational speaker to only dress in gothic black. It would give the impression that this person isn’t too motivated about life. Much like a fishing guide doesn’t need to walk around in overalls. The look just doesn’t fit the persona.

Think of some of the more famous companies in the world: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, John Deere, and BMW. What comes to mind isn’t just how the logo is designed, but which specific colors are used. Imagine Coca-Cola suddenly changing from red and white to yellow and orange, or McDonald’s propping up purple arches. It would be a bit of a culture shock because these companies have become part of our culture.

It isn’t easy implementing your brand to be part of culture, but it can be easy to become part of one person’s culture. Branding starts with the individual, then grows into a group, then grows into a community, and from there it continues to spread. In order for your brand to expand and grow, you must show consistency with your colors. Shifting back and forth between your favorite shades implies and signifies indecision. Your colors express who you are and what your company is.
Red, for instance, is a very emotionally intense color, and, according to Color Wheel Pro, it is associated with energy, war, danger, passion and love. It is also known to enhance metabolism, increase the respiration rate and blood pressure. All of this stemming from just one color. That is how powerful the message of color can be.

Change the color of red only slightly and you will receive some very different effects. Light red represents joy, sexuality, sensitivity and love. Pink is associated with feminine qualities and passiveness, but dark red is associated with vigor, rage, courage, leadership and wrath. This just shows how important even the simplest shades of a certain color can change the meaning of your brand and truly define your culture.

When choosing your branding colors, you need to consider what it is that you are representing. Is your business representing peace, financial investments, exercise and fitness, food, or clothing? Taking the time to study the power of colors is incredibly important when assembling your branding and marketing schemes. Remember, you won’t always get the chance to speak to your customers or potential customers; therefore you need colors that will speak for you.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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