How AEC Firms Can Use Social Media in Their Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Katrice Svanda

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With ever increasing digital technologies, increasing social media usage and internet access everywhere becoming the norm, we are more connected than we have ever been.  People spend an increasing amount of their time online and interact with a variety of entities in the digital world – from family and friends to colleagues and companies.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for those that employ inbound marketing principles, especially on the social media front.  Social media holds great potential for architectural, engineering, and construction firms.  Firms can achieve greater awareness and engagement with both their existing and future customers through these channels.  Social media also presents an opportunity for firms to position themselves as thought leaders and more effectively share content that attracts new and repeat business.

By the Numbers

A recent survey by the Construction Marketing Association found that 90% of respondents utilized social media as part of their marketing initiatives.  A few other interesting findings:

  • Of those that employed social media, 88% used LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn was tapped as most effective by 49% of users, followed by Twitter at 29%.
  • A whopping 61% of respondents did not employ blogging in their social media strategy.

LinkedIn is a great channel for firms and professionals in the AEC industry.  While your website is your virtual home, your LinkedIn profile is your calling card.  As an aggregate of professionals and firms, LinkedIn is a go-to for those looking for your services or more information about your company.  Having a comprehensive LinkedIn page for your company and joining a few key relevant groups can give a big boost to your lead generation and brand awareness efforts.

Regular blogging is also a great way to reach your audience, and it helps boost your search rankings to boot.  Timely, informational, free content establishes you as a trusted source of information.  Paired with other inbound marketing tools, blogging lends you credibility in the eyes of your prospects and fellow industry professionals.

Social Media ROI

If you’re not yet using social media, or have a lackluster presence on channels, today is the day to join your competitors and impress your audience with professionally branded, informative pages. 

Why, you ask?

Based on the earlier mentioned survey, construction companies that utilized social media in the marketing mix experienced a variety of benefits.  Findings included:

  • 69% in the construction industry reported increased awareness as a result of their social media efforts
  • 65% saw a rise in website traffic
  • 44% saw an improvement in their search rankings, and
  • 40% generated sales leads through their social media channels

It’s clear that social media provides results.  Increased awareness and reach frequently translates into higher sales.  After all, people cannot take advantage of services they don’t know exist.

Building Your Brand and Brand Communities

Word-of-mouth is often the best marketing.  This is the case because there is inherently more trust between a friend and a friend than between a friend and an unknown entity like a company.  Social media is word-of-mouth marketing – online and exponentially powerfully because of how quickly and easily content is shared.  Having a presence on social media and regularly posting helpful content or updates gives you access to your own network, and the network of others when they share your messages.  If people see your name frequently, you move from “unknown entity” to “potential friend.”  This means people think of you when they have a problem and seek you out to help them.

 A Strong Digital Presence

A strong digital presence is your calling card to the world.  If it’s not already the case, a refined digital presence is fast becoming a chief legitimizing factor for most people searching for specific services.  Take advantage of this by creating a solid social media presence based on a good understanding of where your audience is and what they’re looking for.  When you can provide them with helpful information on the channels they frequent, you’re doing well.  When they share your content, you’re doing great.

Inbound Marketing for AEC Firms

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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