#GivingTuesday Social Campaigns: Maximize Your Reach

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Social media could be considered the heart of the #GivingTuesday drive. You already have a social media presence, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create unique and effective social campaigns. So, before you throw your hands up in defeat, thinking that it’s too late to come up with something clever (or easy), here are some ideas which are both!

Show Them the Impact

Online audiences (heck, all audiences!) are extremely busy and have short attention spans. Don’t overwhelm them with messy data. Infographics can help you provide short “bursts” of statistics in a visual way to show results, allowing you to display progress and ultimate goals. You can present a lot of information in a concise, colorful manner which is easy to share on social channels.

Additionally, tying a dollar amount to a tangible item specific to your organization’s mission increases the connection between the giver and the need. What does $100 donation provide? Or $50, or $25? Show several monetary amounts, and don’t underestimate the power of small donations. If a $10 donation provides a specific need, donor may want to donate 20 of them.

Find a #GivingTuesday Partner

If you have existing corporate donor or foundation looking to make impact in specific industry like yours, play on matching donations idea. Even on #GivingTuesday, matching funds are an effective way to engage companies, employees, and customers. Approach large donors to ask for matching funds and promote how “double the donations means double the difference,” and create a sense of urgency (as well as increased participation) by designating a 24-48-hour period for matching funds. This provides a strong beginning and ending to corporations and encourages individuals to approach potential participating companies. When thanking your donors for their gift, include a call to action to encourage them to ask employers or companies they shop with for matching donations, even providing them with a script for asking!

Use your Brand Ambassadors – “I Gave Because”

Since we already understand the power of video marketing, ask your “super sellers” (volunteers, long term supporters, board members) to share their donation efforts on social media. No monetary amount needs to be spoken—have them explain WHY they gave, and what meaning your charity gives to them. Share an “I GAVE BECAUSE…” kind of campaign. By sharing their stories on their own social networks, your fundraising efforts reach further! Make sure your social sharing and following buttons are primed, and join social conversations.

Don’t Forget the #GivingTuesday Freebies

By simply creating a #GivingTuesday campaign, you are participating in a worldwide event, so join the movement. Visit #GivingTuesday to get access to the toolkit, filled with promotional materials. Your voice is louder when amplified by a popular concept and your audience is prepared to give on this special day.

Early Promotion can bring Early Donations

Begin to talk about your #GivingTuesday campaign a few weeks ahead of the date. You not only build excitement and expand your social media presence, but you increase your reach (and donations) ahead of the date. This can mean new supporters and volunteers who are available for your year-end campaign!

More than Money

One way to encourage # GivingTuesday participation is by asking for something other than money—TIME. Use this idea to focus your campaign on recruiting volunteers, especially if you have a special event occurring within the next few months. Look to your current volunteers to share photos or video content explaining what being a volunteer means to them (see “I Gave Because” above). Touching your audience during this time of giving with emotional stories about the GIVERS can be a useful technique. Instead of only focusing on monetary donations, ask your audience to pledge their time to your organization (or even a similar charity in another location). Those who volunteer their time are likely to also provide monetary support, and mentioning other nonprofits makes you look...well, more charitable…when you talk about other issues you care about.

Ideas Specific to Social Channels


Facebook leads the pack in social media use by nonprofits, according to the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, with many organizations posting daily, or even multiple times a day. One way to customize your Facebook use is by sharing video with Facebook Live. A live piece featuring volunteers, an industry expert discussing your charity’s focus, or coverage of an event, captures your audience, who may otherwise feel distant from your cause. The addition of a DONATE button makes gifting easier for your supporters.


Ranking second in use by nonprofits for community engagement, Twitter provides a unique opportunity to provide short, but meaningful, messages.  There are some cool ways to use the hashtag more effectively, including:

  • Using your location within the # to draw attention to your community
  • Include industry # to attract people interested in your industry
  • If you are collaborating with another charity, share their #


As the most popular social site for millennials, it is crucial for you to spend some time focusing on this growing avenue. Instagram has an enhanced ad platform, providing you with better communications, paid posts, and CTA possibilities to help drive traffic to your site. With the connection to Facebook, you can cover a sizeable percentage of the social media world.


One of the main benefits to using Snapchat for your #GivingTuesday campaign is in the power of images and video. With Snapchat stories, you have a perfect avenue for the touching video stories you have created to attract supporters. They are only available for 24 hours, so are totally relevant to the younger audience you are inspiring here.


A professional-focused social site, LinkedIn is a different kind of animal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to promote your participation in #GivingTuesday. Take the opportunity to speak to your industry groups, those that are already supporters of your mission and the work you do, and promote your #GivingTuesday goals. LinkedIn’s InMail feature allows you to contact your connections directly, even providing you with the opportunity to work together on a shared campaign.

At Digital Impact Agency, our team understands the unique circumstances nonprofits encounter in marketing. We can help you create strategies to increase brand awareness, spread your mission, recruit volunteers and supporters, develop advocates, and increase donations. With the growth in popularity and success of social media, it is crucial to maximize your exposure, and with our lead nurturing and automated tools, we can help you reach your goals.

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