Creating Content for Instagram—A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

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With over 700 million active users, Instagram is widely known as one of the most popular places to share photos and connect with other like-minded people across the globe. Even more promising is the potential it holds for brand marketing—as companies are adopting the use of Instagram at a rapid pace. An eMarket forecast, estimates that it will be used by 70% of brands this year.

It’s never too late to adopt a new social media platform, and great content is the way to attract, and keep engaged, followers.  But before you start posting anything and everything that comes to mind, you need to devise a strategy that will provide the best ROI (return on investment) for your Instagram efforts.

What is Your Theme?

You want to get content out on Instagram, but vague, unorganized content isn’t the way to go. Consider focusing on one idea, topic, or theme. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to talk about a specific product or service I offer?
  • Do I want to find out what additional products or services interest my customers?
  • Do I want to tell stories about what my team members and company are passionate about?
  • Do I want to focus on activities, events or notable organizations in my community?
  • Do I want to share customer stories?

These are a few ideas which can be used to promote your company principles. Whatever your purpose is—be it companywide, or just for one particular campaign—you will want to select and promote content that supports that purpose.

Putting Your Thoughts and Ideas Together

Now that you have a direction for your content, it is time to organize it for maximum effect. There are 7 key factors to help you put together a successful plan:

  1. Style Guide. You want to be known for some consistency, some features which will draw followers to your content and say, “I know this photo! It’s by XYZ….” Some aspects to consider are: your color choices/palette, fonts—style and color, a particular layout or composition of photos, and hashtag use.
  2. Overall Composition. This is defined as the way you arrange visual elements or features within your artwork. This does not take into consideration the actual subject and therefore can really help when you may not be-or have access to-an expert photographer. Think about what you want your focus to be.
  3. Colors. Your followers will enjoy the consistency your trademark colors will bring, whatever color palette you choose. Perhaps you want to mimic brand packaging, or use the same colors used on your website. You can use different colors, but having a consistent selection provides familiarity.
  4. Fonts. Something as simple as a font choice can make a difference in your theme. Matching the style you used in your website (like the colors mentioned above), gives your followers something that helps define your brand.
  5. Filters. No matter your photography skills, using filters can give an air of professionalism to your work. Like the color palette and fonts mentioned above, some consistency (don’t over use filters as your posts can feel disconnected if there is too much variety) gives followers a sense of your company.
  6. Captions. When you think of the word caption, you may have the tendency to shorten the character count. However, Instagram is generous in their allowance; you can use up to 2200 characters in your text. Remember, captions with more than 3 lines of text are truncated with an ellipsis, so be sure your first 3 lines draw the viewer in! There is a lot of freedom with captions, so don’t hesitate to use them for sharing stories, posting short blogs, or to ask a question to engage followers. Use captions to convey your brand voice, be it funny, serious, sympathetic or uplifting.
  7. Hashtags. This is probably the most well-known aspect of social media, so use them liberally. Don’t take this to mean you can hashtag without thinking. Ensure you are using hashtags wisely by researching what works for your market or industry, as well as which ones are most popular at the time. Keep in mind, research has shown that posts with over 11 hashtags are noticed more often.

So, with a little brainstorming, some creative design, and a plan for your brand, you can create content that works. Keep in mind these 7 factors so you work efficiently, focusing on those aspects of content creation which really make a difference. Now, get out there and share your remarkable content—in remarkable fashion!

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