Breakthrough the Pinterest Clutter with Inbound Marketing

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Katrice Svanda

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Why Pinterest for Business?

Social media is a busy place, and it can feel difficult to engage people through the clutter on some channels. Pinterest is not one of those channels. The beauty of Pinterest is that it features alluring visual content. And people like images. They’re easy to add, easy to digest (a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you know?) and often appeal to our aesthetic sensibilities (read: we like looking at pretty pictures). Even better, Pinterest can be used to drive not just website traffic, but revenue. Yes, you can get real money coming in because of activity on a social media site. This article discusses a few ways you can use Pinterest in your inbound marketing efforts to drive real results. We’ll highlight a few companies that have used it successfully to give you some ideas on how you can leverage Pinterest for your company.

Expand Social Media Communities and Drive Revenue: Sony’s Tips

According to Callan Green, Sr. Social Media Specialist at Sony, “Pinterest has been a critical tool in helping us expand our social media community. Our collection lets us interact with a lifestyle audience, allows us to beautifully reflect the spirit of the brand via images, and best of all, drives revenue to our site.”

Some suggestions from Sony that we completely agree with:

Email: Send emails that showcase your boards to encourage following.

Sony sent out a visuals-heavy email with a few Sony board suggestions. The results? An open rate that soared 67% above their target and a clickthrough rate 16% above their target. And they sent the email out again two weeks later, which resulted in a significant jump in their followers.

Pin it button: Use it! Add the button next to pictures of your product to encourage pinning.

Boards: Create many and varied boards that will appeal to different people. Sony has a board dedicated to pets playing with Sony products. They have pictures with vintage ads and new products. These appeal to different people with different interests and needs – pet-lovers, photography enthusiasts, and more.

You can view Sony’s full case study here.

Empowering Customers and Shaping Brand Image: How Lowe's Did It

Lowe’s is highly focused on empowering customers with the tools and products to accomplish their home improvement projects. With this in mind, they created boards that featured smaller home design ideas. Even better, Lowe’s has a section of their website dubbed Creative Ideas where they can showcase ideas and product. Lowe’s has the Pin It button installed here, so people can pin whatever they like to reference later. People can pin the ideas they like, enabling others to share that pin.

A few ideas from Lowe’s:

Pin it button: Add it to your site and emails, so pinners have more ways to access it.

Pinterest Analytics: Use data to spark new ideas and guide your campaign and product ideas.

Popular Pins: Feature your most popular pins in other digital channels to prompt product purchase.

Brad Walter, Director of Social Media & Emerging Platforms at Lowe’s says, “If there’s a product that’s getting a tremendous amount of traction on Pinterest, you can feature it in other areas and get the customer to potentially transact on that product.” (You can view Lowe’s full case study here.)

Think about your customers. Where does your product fit into their daily lives? How could it inspire them or support their dreams or goals? Pinterest can help you help them envision possibilities. Use it to inspire them and get them excited about what your product can do.

Pin it to Win it

Pinterest is about finding images that will resonate with your audience – give inspiration, new ideas, make them laugh, prompt them to look at your brand in a new light. Use the power of Pinterest to connect with your audience. It gets your name and product in front of them in a way that is non-invasive, even wanted, and helps you build a meaningful relationship with them by sharing images they care about.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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