Best Practices to Maximize Your Facebook Reach

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There was a time when simply having a Facebook page and followers meant you were reaching an ever-growing audience. However, that was years ago, and you need to step up your game if you want to expand your reach, specifically your organic reach. So many advertisers are using Facebook that only posting just doesn’t get the job done anymore.

Does this mean that Facebook advertising is a thing of the past? In a word, No. You still have people visiting your page and keeping an open channel with you. You want to nurture that relationship. You simply need to be sure you are optimizing your use of Facebook as a marketing platform. Let’s delve a little deeper to look for some best practices you can use to maximize your Facebook use, increase your reach, and still enable Facebook to be a viable marketing tool.

Best Practices

1. Content That is Optimized to Attract and Share

The bottom line is this: you want visitors to read your content and share it with other potential users. Back off the calls to action (CTA) and post something that entertains and even educates readers. Keep a ratio of no more than one promotional post for every five simply shareable posts. Moreover, don’t forget the “like”; this is a less aggressive tool to capture visitors who enjoyed your blog but don’t want to leave personal contact details. This simple step will increase conversions, and the “like” button can be added to your website, combined with a calls to action in a conspicuous location. The use of a Facebook link on your site allows new visitors to your website to check out your Facebook page as well.

2. Use Video

Now that video is crucial on several social media sites; it is time to use this technique in your marketing efforts. Social video continues to grow at an exponential rate and is expected to represent 74% of all Internet traffic this year. There are several tools available to create your videos, and the popularity of Facebook Live speaks for itself. You can also repackage live video for several subsequent uses as well. Facebook algorithms favor not only video, but longer videos, so don’t be afraid to host a list Question and Answer session, tutorial, or “How-To” on your products and services.

3. Use Your “About” Page

There is so much happening on your Facebook page that it is easy to forget this part of your profile. However, don’t discount the important of these details. A complete Facebook business profile gives visitors a complete picture of your business, and it ranks highly with search engine optimization (SEO). Include details like the area of service (they can map your physical location), hours, website and contact information. Allow for customer reviews of your business on your business page. This helps increase your credibility, and satisfied customers who see several positive ratings are even more likely to share your business with their social network.

4. Consider Optimal Post Times

If you want to have a regular Facebook presence, you need to be consistent in your posting. Facebook’s algorithm has proven days and times when engagement peaks. Use their information and let it guide you! If your particular audience does not fit the typical Facebook schedule, do something different; just be sure to plan content consistently.

5. Share Special Events, Contests, Discounts and Promotions

Visitors are now looking for these types of posts, so you may find having special Facebook “like” promotions a great way to not only get more regular customers in the door but to encourage them to share the promotions with others and visit your website for contest results. Reversely, you can also add a "like" button to your website or email to increase traffic to your Facebook page.

6. Use Reactions

You have seen them…the little faces for users to go above and beyond a simple ”like.” The use of these has been on the rise, and businesses can take advantage of the effects they have on subsequent viewers. To put it simply, the higher the number of reactions, the higher the likelihood that others will view the post based on its perceived popularity. Your content can make Facebook fans feel strongly by use of reactions, and you can also use a combination of questions and reactions to engage visitors.

7. Paid Promotion

There is a time and a place for paid promotions on Facebook. To be sure the return on investment (ROI) is reasonable; you will want to pick and choose where you want to focus your spending. Perhaps you want to amplify a post which drives visitors to a promotion page on your website. Facebook has algorithms to help you utilize your budget efficiently, without needlessly spending it all on one ad or campaign. You can also use this to drive new traffic to an older ad you used successfully in the past and want to put it out there again.

All of these best practices will help you tackle your Facebook presence, be it new or just in need of updating. Consider the fact that there are both Facebook algorithms and Facebook user comments/reactions to look at, and you will need to decide what is the right balance for you. Organic content is always a good choice—get out there and promote it!

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