Artificial intelligence: How Can You Really Use It?

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Artificial intelligence is reportedly making marketers more productive, highly successful, and creative! There are so many areas where artificial intelligence can—and does—make a difference in your marketing abilities, you need to focus on what works and is really practical for your team’s specific needs.

More than just a neat futuristic theory, AI tools need to be a truly useful product or platform of products which can be incorporated into your existing system.  You already use testing and optimization in your campaigns, but what specific tools can you get your hands on and use to your company’s success? Let’s consider a handful of (proven) AI options which really can make a difference.

Automation of Data Gathering

One of the most menial tasks for marketers is sifting through loads of data, creating segmented lists of visitors in order to determine qualified leads to nurture. Today’s consumers provide so much more detail in their lives, the specific points for each consumer can be staggering, especially considering the sheer number of devices, platforms, and social media sites they frequent. People simply expect you to know where they are, what they need, and what they don’t like. Platforms like PaveAl  sort through millions of possible combinations, providing recommendations you can use.

Manage Content

 Artificial intelligence can help you in several areas of content; analyzing behavior (see above) to generate content ideas, prioritizing content, creating content, scheduling content, and optimizing it.  Sounds like a complete package, doesn’t it?

  • Platforms for content generation: Gartner’s prediction in 2015 reported that by 2018, 20% of business content will be composed by machines. Natural language technologies will enable this process, especially for less “emotional” content, like press releases, case studies and white papers.
  • Scheduling content: This is probably not the newest technology, as marketers have been scheduling content for years. But artificial intelligence makes this even more efficient by automating it and makes adjustments to the content scheduled based on user response (data gathered and analyzed).
  • Distribute content: There are a vast number of locations where content can be posted, and you are probably finding your audience on several different websites, chat rooms, and social media channels. AI can help get your content out there quickly.
  • Create social media updates: It can really be time-consuming to participate in social media posting and sharing, and AI can manage these tasks efficiently. Hubspot is a veritable expert on scheduling social media updates.

Strategy Recommendations

With artificial intelligence monitoring so much of your marketing campaign, who better to analyze your results and make suggestions? Assessment tools are available to help marketing teams prioritize based on success, create strategies, and allocate resources.

Now you get a feel for what artificial intelligence tools you can really incorporate into your marketing strategy (or help you to re-write your existing strategy). These are a few particularly useful tools that can work for any size or type of company. Once you get comfortable with these, the sky’s the limit. New artificial intelligence tools are being introduced regularly, so you will have the opportunity to build on your AI success.


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