Artificial Intelligence and Inbound Marketing

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Katrice Svanda

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The heart of inbound marketing is the customer; how you build a relationship with that potential customer through useful content, attracting them to you instead of searching for them. There are many components to inbound marketing, and although it appears “new,” Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really just a more recent way to make that connection with your leads easier. Although there is some “prep work” to establishing artificial intelligence as part of your marketing strategy, the rewards are not difficult to observe.

Some of the challenges with marketing (whether it is inbound or not) surround the sheer amount of time it takes to nurture leads. Historically, marketers spent many hours attempting to engage contacts or simply waiting for them to contact the company.  With the introduction of inbound marketing, a new efficiency was created by bringing interested leads to businesses, and building relationships with content. Today, this efficiency is strengthened by the addition of artificial intelligence.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help

  • Leads can be nurtured for hours, days, weeks, even months without the need for continual human calls, emails, or messaging;
  • Conversations with leads are analyzed to determine criteria, allowing the presentation of higher qualified leads;
  • A representative (AI) is available at any hour, so contacts have information available when it is convenient for them;
  • Artificial intelligence apps alert sales representatives when a lead is ripe for a sales call.

Artificial intelligence allows your applications to be user-focused, providing the best possible customer experience. With so many applications on the market today, users struggle to pick a few applications which deliver the most user-friendly atmosphere. The choice is made easy when customers can work their way through an intuitive system and get the human-to-human familiarity they have known.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • A marketing representative (AI) can remain with a lead for extended periods of time, providing personalized content, detailed product information, even support details, without tying up marketers unnecessarily;
  • AI marketing bots can reach exponentially more leads than human marketers, each engaging in a unique conversation;
  • With 24/7 access to information, customers gain knowledge and confidence in your brand;
  • By evaluating consumer response to content, quality can be improved across all outlets of contact;
  • New natural language processing (NLP) systems enable AI representatives to understand text and voice commands, so conversations are personable. Recorded dialogues allow for human representatives to have a full history of the nurturing experience;
  • Data is continually being collected and analyzed; therefore, follow-ups are unique, not appearing scripted.

Artificial intelligence allows for data and patterns to be analyzed without detracting from the user experience and slowing down the marketers’ process. Today’s online consumers are tech-savvy, expecting their experience to work without ticks or inaccuracies. Artificial intelligence allows for changes to applications based on customer satisfaction. As the data is received and analyzed, new patterns continually emerge. This machine learning means that the programs can create predictive algorithms, further improving the customer experience. Testing is done continually, and changes can be pushed automatically, without additional training. Let artificial intelligence handle the data, freeing up your marketing team for where they are most effective.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

Katrice Svanda is a Founder and CEO for Digital Impact Agency, a Houston-based digital media and inbound marketing agency. Her background includes over 15 years of experience in the technology industry from marketing emerging technologies to participating in several technology spin-offs. Katrice has created successful marketing campaigns for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and business-to-government.