Are You a Catfish? How to Create Effective Content Marketing

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With the breaking news story of Manti Te’o’s false online relationship (tough journalism at work here, folks), we were hit with the thought of how and/or if brands are building true, quality relationships.

Content marketing is the latest craze in the marketing world, but are marketers using it properly to build real relationships? Take Manti for example. Here’s a guy that thought he was dating the woman of his dreams. Turns out she never existed. Or the actual documentary film “Catfish,” which follows a young man who thought he was in a relationship with a beautiful young woman. It turns out he at least was talking to a nice woman, but she wasn’t quite the supermodel she claimed to be. He was crushed.

Your customers don’t like being deceived. That seems like a basic guideline and probably something you focus on when creating traditional advertising or working with your customer sales team.

But when you produce content and create a brand perception online, are you asking yourself how true it is? There’s such a push to crank content out that sometimes businesses don’t always look for authenticity. Quantity trumps quality, and it’s your customers that lose. 

Today’s media forces us to be transparent. We can’t make sweeping claims like they did in the old days (hello, patent medicine). The content we produce in our inbound marketing campaigns should be informative, thought-provoking, interesting, etc. Using unknown writers, too good to be true SEO companies and other scary content risks not only create potentially misleading information about your business on the web, but also can make you look like a big, fat catfish. Consistent messaging across the board, whether it's online communication, TV ads or a brochure, ensure that trust and authentic relationships are built with your customers.

How to Not be a Catfish

The answer is simple. Be real. Be authentic. Be transparent. That’s how you act in your personal relationships (hopefully). That’s how your business should act. The behavior you use online should reflect your company culture and branding. Don’t let your audience down. Stay true to your brand.


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