A CMO’s Enterprise Inbound Marketing Confession

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Katrice Svanda

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Enterprise Inbound Marketing is a powerful tool – one that can have customers searching you out and boost revenue to boot. But getting the most out of your marketing automation strategies and software requires a well-oiled machine with moving parts that work together seamlessly to achieve this marketing magic. Let’s address some of the most pressing issues of today’s CMOs and identify solutions to their inbound marketing woes.

CMO:  Sales claims that they get bad leads and marketing responds that sales botches the opportunities given them.  I don’t know where the problem is.  I don’t even know where to start.

Digital Impact Agency Remedy:

It sounds like your marketing and sales teams suffer from lack of a common plan. 

First step: Get sales and marketing on the same page. They need shared plans and definitions.  Lead scoring is key here. Put teams in a room until they can agree on a lead scoring system. 

  • What does a marketing-qualified lead look like? 
  • A sales-qualified lead? 
  • What characteristics must leads have to move through the sales funnel? 

Both teams must reach agreement on criteria, triggers, and processes for updating lead records and status, and for informing the appropriate people on the appropriate teams.

As leads move through the sales funnel and become closer to purchasing, their scores increase. When they reach the appropriate thresholds (on which teams have agreed) for marketing- or sales-qualified leads, the appropriate team receives notice and CRM auto-updates. Your sales and marketing teams must work with each other. No pointing fingers when sales lag. If something isn’t working, reassess it at the enterprise level, taking care not to isolate teams from one another.

CMO: We have a good lead scoring system, but lead loss rates are high and I feel we aren’t closing sales that we should be. Our marketing and sales teams work well together, so I’m not sure what we’re missing.

Digital Impact Agency Remedy:

Having a common plan and lead scoring system is vital. Good job for jumping that hurdle! But we need to dig deeper. Here is where lead segmentation and context marketing come in. Lead segmentation enables classification of leads by buyer personas. If you don’t correctly segment leads, you could be sending them the wrong information at the wrong time, causing them to disregard your messages. Get your teams together to determine appropriate segments of your market and the content that should be sent to each one of these segments. If I was interested in drills and all you send me is information about lumber, you’ve lost my interest as a customer and will likely try to sell me the wrong product. As you nurture leads, carefully add information to their profiles – data related to preferences, demographics, industry, etc. – to capture and keep them and their business.

CMO:  My marketing and sales teams work well together. We have great products, an abundance of great product information, and marketing regularly updates ad material, but we can’t seem to keep the sales funnel filled.  I don’t know where we’re going wrong.

Digital Impact Agency Remedy:

Marketing automation processes, product detail sheets, and ad copy do not keep the sales funnel filled.  What you need is a good content marketing program that helps attract prospects and fill the funnel with qualified leads, nurturing them until they are ready to buy. Blogs, social media posts, and informative emails engage prospects with helpful and engaging content that doesn’t push them to purchase before they are ready. Content marketing should work in tandem with your marketing automation system, feeding you leads that you can email and provide useful content to as they move through your scoring system, eventually becoming sales-qualified.


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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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