5 Ways to Use Periscope for Your Business Social Media

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In March 2015, Twitter spent $86 million to acquire popular live-streaming app Periscope. And not without good reason. The app allows people and brands to hold live video streams where users can comment, ask questions, and heart (the Periscope version of like) broadcasts – all while they can see you in real time.

1. Show Live Demonstrations

When you’re trying to generate a buzz for a new product or service, you can stream a live demonstration to your audience on Periscope. If you have something that requires a little bit of a learning curve, a live tutorial can be helpful. One way to best use this tool is to host live Q & A sessions to answer any concerns that your customers may have. You can top this off at the end of the broadcast by offering an exclusive discount for the Periscope viewers.

2. Introduce Your Audience to Your Clients

Introducing your audience to clients of yours is the ultimate form of a testimonial. You can allow them to ask a loyal customer some questions about their experience with your product or service. This is a huge way to generate authentic social proof. If you can demonstrate that you and your clients have real rapport, it will be a captivating way to create leads.

3. Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

If there’s anything that followers love, it’s behind the scenes footage. The problem with traditional marketing has been that brands were very removed from their customers. People felt like they couldn’t necessarily trust the people they bought products and services from. Fortunately, we can now bridge that gap and create a real relationship by bringing our audience into our world and showing them that behind the scenes we are people just like them. Whether this is just taking them into your office to introduce them to people in your operation they may not know about, or a behind the scenes peek at your restaurant – this is a hugely effective tactic.

4. Network with Influencers

Periscope is another platform to meet influencers in your niche. But unlike commenting on their blogs, Facebook or Twitter, Periscope is relatively new. This means that if you show up consistently and ask thought provoking questions that add real value to this novel platform they are trying to grow, they’re more likely to notice you and take note.

5. Interview People in Your Space

Not everyone is as active on social media, and Periscope in particular, as you might be. One way to offer your audience value is to interview someone in your industry and have them answer questions that your audience asks. This both gives them a chance to connect with someone they otherwise wouldn’t have, and it allows them to feel like they are a part of your world – in these conversations with you.

New business marketing tools are a dime a dozen, but Periscope is solid. Get started with one or more of the above tactics today and see how it can change your business.

Have you had any experience with Periscope? Let us know in the comments!


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