5 Tips to Creating Effective Content Marketing Channels

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Katrice Svanda

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A channel is a pathway that facilitates the movement of goods, services, or information. Content marketing requires proper channels to ensure that information reaches its intended audience.

How can you convert followers into customers? How do you engage followers through different channels based on their interests? These are important questions to consider when developing a content marketing strategy. 

Don’t rely on one channel to facilitate the sharing of your brand’s content. Follow these five tips to creating effective content marketing channels for your company.

1. Who and What Before the Where

Before you decide on the channels to market your content, think about whom you want to target and what you want to say. Focus on specific audiences who seek the information you provide. Then determine where your followers go online for information. These platforms include social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, video channels such as YouTube, photo-sharing sites like Instagram, and online user communities such as Pinterest. Some social media websites are intended for professionals and work networks (LinkedIn), while others are intended more for family and friend networks (Facebook). Understanding whom you are talking to enables you to create valuable content that they need and care about in places where they can find it easily. Make it simple for your fans, followers, and customers to find your content through your content marketing channels!

2. Think Quality, Not Quantity

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to content generation.  It takes more than an interesting topic to capture your audience’s attention. This is because users become overwhelmed when brands over-share information.

The solution? Only share the most relevant and engaging content. Content should always be well-written and compelling, photos should be well-edited, and online platforms should have a consistent tone and style. People have a short window of time to view your content – so make it worthwhile! Your audience’s attention span often lasts just a few seconds.

Establish or reiterate your brand’s voice by telling unique stories through posts, tweets, pictures, and blogs. Thus, engaged users will spend more time on your marketing channels.

3. Inspire Content Sharing

Your content marketing channels should facilitate content sharing between your brand and followers, as well as between followers. Leverage user-generated content by strengthening relationships with followers and customers, highlighting customer success stories, which will drive more online traffic.

A simple method to lead followers to more of your content is with a call to action, which prompts users toward a specific action. In addition, followers become sources of content if you offer them a sense of ownership. Show appreciation for your audience, and they will work on your behalf. Once users share your content on their social media pages, your company’s online marketing reach will naturally expand across multiple channels. This drives traffic back to your website and content. 

4. Become a Thought Leader

A thought leader is someone who does not just participate in conversations, but drives them. The public must recognize your company as an industry expert that has taken the lead in generating important information and innovative ideas. Establish a strong reputation as a thought leader through your marketing channels. Providing content that is relevant to your audience will not only establish a stronger bond with your followers, but will demonstrate your commitment to your audience. In order to approach the market as a thought leader, you need expertise, vision, and leadership. Become a leader with the knowledge and vision to inspire people.

5. Measure User Engagement

Analyze the effectiveness of your content marketing messages by measuring follower and customer engagement. Focus on generating marketing messages that have been successful in the past. By benchmarking marketing performance results, your company can identify successes and failures in content generation in order to better convert your followers into customers.

Do research on your market and keep an eye on where your audience searches for information online. A centralized customer data repository enables you to record customer data, and analytics tools help you understand customer behavior. These tools are effective methods to collect data on your target market and measure user engagement.

The More You Know..

The more you know about content marketing channels, the better you will attract, engage, convert and retain fans and customers. Following simple techniques enables you to expand your online connections with your audience. Learn more about developing successful content marketing channels by downloading our eBook.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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