5 Inbound Marketing Tips to Increase Sales Qualified Leads

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Katrice Svanda

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Inbound marketing is an excellent approach to not only reach your leads, but convert them into your customers. Before we encourage you to venture into the land of inbound marketing, we ask you take the following tips into consideration. With these simple techniques, your business can benefit significantly with a lower cost per lead and higher sales conversion rate. Let's get started.

1. Define Your Goals

We all have goals, but how often are these goals SMART? You’ve likely heard it before, goals needs to be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely 

Saying I want to lose weight rarely gets me into action. I have no sense of urgency, no direction. If I say I say I want to lose five pounds in the next three weeks, now I have something I can map out a plan for. We all want more sales. Better leads. Increased website traffic. Define these goals with concrete numbers. Set a timeline. Then ask, are these reasonable goals? How can we get there?

2. Determine Buyer Personas

You can have the best people, products, and marketing content in the world and not make sales or attract new leads. Defining buyer personas is key to structuring successful marketing strategies. If I haven’t determined who my customers are, how do I know they’re getting my messages? When you don’t have someone’s phone number, you look it up in the phonebook (or more likely online). You don’t dial random numbers and leave messages hoping they’ll call you back. The same logic applies to your buyers. Create detailed profiles that define who your ideal prospect is and use those profiles to send the right messages to the right prospects. Not sure who your buyers are? Between interviews of current customers, surveys, form fields, and your social media connections and fans, you can gain a mostly complete picture of your ideal prospect. 

3. Develop Strategy 

A big part of strategy is constancy. How are you keeping your target audience engaged? Do you regularly publish new content (such as daily or weekly blogs)? Do you have more advanced or premium content (ebooks, whitepapers), in addition to intro level information? Or do you blog irregularly and write about whatever strikes your fancy? Identify your target audience and their information needs and give the people what they’re looking for. They’ll thank you for it by coming back and investing their time and money with your company.

An important part of strategy is classification. What constitutes a marketing qualified lead? What is a sales qualified lead?  If you’re not sure, you might be trying to sell to people before they’re ready to buy (turning them off) or still talking up prospects that are ready to buy (if only this was always the case!). Define these two sets of people so that marketing qualified leads are still engaged with timely emails and engaging content, and so sales qualified leads are being ushered through the buying process.

4. Create Workflows and Necessary Collateral

Create workflows that usher your prospects through the sales funnel. It’s great to capture a prospect’s attention once, but lead conversion is a continuous process. Don’t lose them after one download. Include calls-to-action that lead prospects to your landing pages. Have lead nurturing campaigns with auto responders in the form of thank you pages/emails and other messages that push them further down the sales funnel. People don’t usually marry after one date. Same goes for your customers - you must court your prospects before they’ll commit.

5. Create Content with Legs

Create content that speaks to the problems and questions your audience has and that provides them with a next step – e.g. download this related ebook, check out these related blog articles, or check out our pinterest page. Don’t leave them without direction. Have automated messages and paths for each buyer persona to walk them on down the sales funnel. This takes some work up front, but will pay back in spades once you’ve found the best paths.

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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