5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips for B2B Companies

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5 Holiday Social Media Marketing tips for B2B Companies.pngThe holidays are a great time of year to rethink business strategy. Consumers are switching their focus, winding down from work and giving more attention to your offers than their busy schedule would usually allow. As a marketer, one of the best ways you can leverage this is by creating social media campaigns that are geared towards the holidays.

For many companies, a huge proportion of annual sales can occur in November and December. Effective social media practices can reinforce your goals for the holiday season and help you and your team finish the year strong.

Here are some social media marketing tips to implement these holidays if you run a B2B company.

1. Rebrand Your Social Media Pages

This is a very straight forward tactic, but brings some real authenticity to your brand and lets your customers know that you’re in the holiday spirit. Make sure to change your cover photos and icons across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever other social media accounts you have. You even can go a step further by creating some custom holiday related imagery and putting it on your site. You might have noticed that Google does a great job of this by customizing the branding on their home page every day.

2. Streamline Your Customer Service

Customer service is increasingly important in the world of social business, and social media is slowly becoming the preferred platform for this service. Make sure you answer any questions your prospective clients may have in regards to what you are offering, any related shipping, or any holiday specials that you may have.

3. Hold a Contest

Contests aren’t just for B2C companies. They can work well for B2B businesses as well. Offer a prize that is worth the effort on their behalf, so it shouldn’t take up too much of their time, and encourage participants to get involved for a chance to win.

4. Send Them a Video Greeting

Most companies will send out a newsletter with a generic holiday greeting. You want to do better than that! Try sending a video message wishing your customers well in the holiday seasons. For bigger clients this might even be completely personalized to their firm and the business you’ve done this year. This is a lot more personal and goes a long way to create rapport between you and your audience.

5. Ask Followers to Choose a Product

To promote holiday specials you can get your audience to participate in the process by asking them which product they prefer, or which they’d prefer to have a discount on. That way you know which one is likely to generate more purchases. There are plenty of photo sharing apps that make it simple to put photos online.

The holidays offer you a wonderful social media marketing opportunity. Use the tips above to engage with your audience and offer them something unique.  How are you making use of social media these Holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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