4 Evergreen Content Creation Tactics to Start Today

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Everyone in the digital marketing world is looking for the magic pill. They are searching for the one tactic that will span the test of time, and hopefully last for years.

Unfortunately, we’re in a period of transition, and the marketing landscape is constantly changing. Some of the methods that we employ today may be obsolete a few years from now. In fact, there has been lots of talk of traditional SEO becoming completely irrelevant.

Yet marketers the world over, are still looking for a sustainable method, they have yet to find one. But there is one way that the work they put in today can reap benefits for years; this is evergreen content.

Evergreen content is content that is timeless – it is continually relevant to your readers. Either the information that is presented in the content is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, or it is easy to update. Anything that is likely to evolve; news articles, seasonal topics, trends or fads, and even statistics – are not evergreen.

Evergreen content can

  • Improve your search engine page rankings
  • Establish authority
  • Drive more shares
  • Build leads

What follows is four evergreen content marketing tactics that will be valuable this year and beyond.

How to Videos

Actionable video content is great. Not only does it look like video will stay the most dominant online medium for the next decade at least, how to guides for typical activities tend to stand the test of time. Make sure you record the highest possible quality video, as any SD content will likely be phased out for HD content in the next few years.

Quality and Quantity List Posts

One way to establish content that stands the test of time, is to create something that is bigger and better than your competitors. If all of your competition has posts that touch on 20 points, and you create something that touches on 101 points – who do you think your customers are going to go to for information? On top of this, until someone else creates content bigger and better than yours, your content will stay evergreen. And a little hint, if they’ve already created a piece on the topic, most people won’t have the time or patience to re-write their content.

Encyclopaedic Information

Sites like Wikipedia and are the ultimate resources for evergreen content. Their articles and videos are only updated when they need to be, but their content could be relevant years from now.

Case Studies

Real world examples of your content are evergreen because they can’t be changed. As long as they remain relevant to the point you are trying to make, case studies can show how your brand or a brand in your industry has provided value.

Remember, as with any and all marketing strategies, you shouldn’t rely solely on one type of content. Evergreen marketing is effective, but for a well-rounded strategy, you want to mix it in with some topical content from time to time.

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