3 Steps to Enhancing Your Content Marketing

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Katrice Svanda

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In today’s market, buyers seek relevant and engaging content that addresses their pain points. Addressing pain points includes offering product and service solutions, answering common questions, writing useful tips, or creating checklists for your audience to use and follow. Your focus should be on resolving buyers’ problems with marketing content that relates to their direct needs. So, how do you start generating meaningful content for your audience?

Create a Buyer Persona Outline

When you write and mail a letter to someone, it is very important to know whom you are sending it to. The same concept applies to writing marketing content. As a marketer, you need to know who will be sitting on the other side of the computer screen. It is not just about attracting traffic to your content. You want the right traffic, visitors who will most likely become leads, and, ultimately, happy customers. The following are a few steps to creating a buyer persona outline:

  • Define your buyer persona. Your buyer persona encompasses your ideal customers, including their goals, pain points, personal and demographic information, and lifestyles.
  • Distinguish multiple buyer personas. You might have several buyer personas if your business has diverse offerings for various buyer segments. For example, an airline’s buyer personas may include Travel Agent Tom, for travel agents planning vacations, and Business Traveler Bryan, for corporate business professionals flying for work. It is important to keep your multiple buyer personas in mind and to cater your content to them accordingly.
  • Determine the problems your buyers face. Your buyers may face challenges in their career and personal roles. They might also have trouble finding meaningful information during their decision-making processes. You need to ask the right questions to the right people in order to understand your buyers’ needs. 
  • Write content with your buyer personas in mind. Once you understand your buyer personas, you can write content that addresses the specific problems, questions, or interests. Content should be directed to buyer personas that can potentially turn your visitors into (the first one is edited differently – thought I would give some options) customers, not online “browsers.” Content must speak to your audience and generate leads.

Research your Target Market

In order to effectively reach your audience, you need to know who they are. Once you have identified your buyer persona, you can write in an appropriate tone that engages your target audience. For example, if your audience is 50-year-old surgeons, you should write without abbreviations and in familiar terms for the doctoral profession. Brushing up on industry trends and standards will make it possible for you to appeal to your buyer’s persona. In addition, knowing the demographics of your target market (age, job, income, and location) will help you tailor your content to their needs. 

Conduct Surveys, Focus Groups and Interviews for Feedback

Up until now, we have discussed how to create effective content for your target market. Once you know the buyer’s persona and have done the appropriate market research, you should evaluate the effectiveness of your content. Ask your audience if the current content is useful and if they have suggestions for future topics. You can evaluate the success of marketing efforts through the following quality measures: 

  • Add surveys to your blog articles. Once your audience finishes reading your blog articles, they can be directed to a quick survey for feedback on the quality and relevance of your content.
  • Ask for feedback on your newsletters. Your audience can provide meaningful feedback to let you know how effective your newsletters are for different topics and articles.
  • On YouTube videos, ask your audience a specific question to answer in the comments. The YouTube comment section improves audience engagement and communication, offering you instant feedback and making your audience feel important. 

Defining buyer personas and being knowledgeable of customer pain points can ultimately help you create and share meaningful content that will attract more leads. 

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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