3 Key Steps to a Search, Social, and Content Marketing Audit for AEC Firms

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Katrice Svanda

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In the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, an increasing number of firms are using inbound marketing strategies to optimize and socialize their marketing campaigns.

Optimizing website content through search and social media channels attracts, engages, and retains prospective clients who are searching for information online. Converting these online visitors into clients cannot be achieved without a proper system to implement, monitor, and measure the performance of content marketing efforts.

If your firm does not have the resources or knowledge to conduct an inbound marketing assessment, you should consider hiring a third party to conduct the assessment of your website, social media, and search marketing strategies. 

What is an Search, Social, and Content Marketing Assessment?

A search, social, and content marketing assessment determines the targeted client segments and identifies what it takes to get them to engage online and purchase your services. In the AEC industries, many clients search online before contacting a new firm. By offering the right content to the right audience in a place where they can find it easily, you can capitalize on marketing techniques with the highest impact. 

The more active your marketing efforts are across online channels and platforms, the more entry points, like social media, search engine, and affiliate links, you create for clients to find your firm. Visibility is key in attracting a greater number of leads to your content, in order for them to eventually become happy clients. 

The following are three key steps to conducting an effective search, social, and content marketing assessment in the AEC industry:

  1. Research your market: What is the current industry like? What are your client's goals, pain points, and competitive challenges in the market? An assessment addresses these market questions and identifies the best marketing strategies for both short- and long-term success. Not only will you be able to create content that your audience seeks, but you can also determine the best social media and search engine strategies to integrate with your website content.
  2. Assess you current strategy: How effective is your current content marketing? Evaluate your existing inbound marketing strategies and determine if there are areas for improvement. Use web analytics and tools to understand how your audience finds your content and engages you online. For social media monitoring, tools are available to track metrics such as the frequency of fan mentions, likes, retweets, or shares.
  3. Implement Recommendations: Your ultimate goal should be to improve performance and profitability from your inbound marketing. An assessment reflects on the reports from web analytic and social media monitoring tools in order to implement improvements to existing marketing strategies. Create schedules for specific employees to engage the online community of AEC clients and manage social media campaigns.

An search, social, and content marketing assessment makes it possible for you to attract, engage, and retain your ideal clients in the AEC industries. Remember, providing the right content to the right audience is only the start. You then must be able to publish your content in the right channels at the right moments in time. With a more client-centric inbound marketing strategy, your firm will improve the effectiveness and return on your online marketing efforts.

Inbound Marketing for AEC Firms

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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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