7 Landing Page Tips to Boost Lead Conversions

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Katrice Svanda

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You’ve got prospects to your landing page, but you don’t want to lose them there.  Good landing pages are vital for retaining audience engagement and moving prospects one step further down the sales funnel.  Read on for some tips to get your landing pages in great shape and ready to boost website conversions.

1. Keep It Simple

Lengthy landing pages scare off potential leads.  Avoid drawn out paragraphs and dial back the technical jargon.  These tend to alienate, rather than engage, your prospects.  Don’t overwhelm leads with too much content.  Keep messages simple to capture lead interest and cultivate a relationship.

2. Don’t Be Boring

Simple does not mean bland or boring.  Have eye-catching headlines.  Use interesting fonts and colors.  Have pretty graphics.  Don’t leave your landing pages to suffer with only your logo and some written content.  Include graphics of your eBook, pictures of the keynote speaker for your webinar, or anything else that is relevant to what we’re getting out of your offer. 

3. Don’t Ask for Too Much (or Too Little) Commitment

Ask for an appropriate level of commitment.  People who have just encountered your brand will likely shy away from words like register or subscribe – which many of read as ‘flood my inbox, pretty please.’  Words like “click here or “learn how” sound less threatening.

The same goes for lead forms.  Don’t ask leads for all of their information at once.  Get to know them a little at a time until they’re ready to buy.  I’ve used this analogy far too many times, but it just makes so much sense – no one wants to marry you on a first date (if they do, let us know your secret!).  Have several interactions before proposing something more serious.

The same logic goes for the other side.  Don’t make someone wait years for a proposal.  If you have someone clicking on bottom of the funnel offers, ask for more information.  They have shown you they want to talk to you, so include more fields in forms to get the ball rolling.

4. Meet Prospects at Their Level of Engagement

Someone might not be looking for an eBook or webinar.  No problem. Invite them to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.  Have something for people looking for different ways to connect or engage.  Your lead generation efforts and social media reach will thank you for the boost.  Bottom line: don’t lose viable leads because you didn’t have a way to connect that appealed to them.

5. Instill Trust…Link to Your Privacy Policy 

Link to your privacy policy and include a note that says “we won’t give evil spam lords your email” (feel free to use more elegant wording).  People are much more likely to provide you with their contact information when you ensure them that only you will be using it.

6. Personalization 

Personalizing offers is a key way to up your conversion rates.  You don’t want to continually offer the same eBook to the same person.  Use software, such as HubSpot and HubSpot Smart Forms, to personalize content offers and landing page forms (prefilling info they already gave you) to engage and nurture lead relationships.

7. Make It Visible

If no one knows they exist, you’re likely not getting what you want from your landing pages.  Use CTAs throughout your site to drive traffic to your landing pages.  Tell your social media communities about your offers.  Find ways to inform your audience of all you’ve got to offer and link back to your website.  You can’t visit someplace new without directions, so give your audience a map. 


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Katrice Svanda

Written by Katrice Svanda

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