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5 Tips to Creating Effective Content Marketing Channels

5 Tips to Creating Effective Content Marketing Channels Digital Impact Agency

A channel is a pathway that facilitates the movement of goods, services, or information. Content marketing requires proper channels to ensure that information reaches its intended audience.

3 Steps to Enhancing Your Content Marketing

content marketing agency houston digital impact agency

In today’s market, buyers seek relevant and engaging content that addresses their pain points. Addressing pain points includes offering product and service solutions, answering common questions, writing useful tips, or creating checklists for your audience to use and follow. Your focus should be on resolving buyers’ problems with marketing content that relates to their direct needs. So, how do you start generating meaningful content for your audience?

Unveiling the Truth behind Dark Social

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Demystifying Dark Social

Dark social: a phrase so mysterious that most people would prefer to overlook its existence.  Dark social is online traffic and shared web content that cannot be identified by analytics software.  In other words, this is the private, or “invisible” sharing of web content.  Google analytics easily traces traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ because those platforms send referral data.  However, web content links sent privately via email, online chat, or mobile text message do not send referral data.  Analytics programs sometimes cannot track the source of unidentified online visitors.  Don’t let this world of unknown web traffic keep you in the dark!

The Power of Content Marketing to Optimize Your Audience

content marketing digital impact agency

Creating and marketing valuable, relevant, and engaging online content requires time, patience, and commitment.  We have all heard about the value of high search engine rankings. However, there is something more important that search engine optimization - that is, audience optimization.  You are probably wondering, how does content marketing optimize your online audience? 

How to Utilize Nonprofit Inbound Marketing for #GivingTuesday and Beyond


#GivingTuesday is a special day dedicated to nonprofits within each community to help promote support for their cause. In a time when consumerism is at an all time high with Small Business Saturday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we now have a special day for charitable giving. It’s a new tradition started in hopes to capture the holiday spirit of your potential donors.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Ideas for Small Business Saturday

small business saturday resized 600

On November 30, it will be a great day to be a small business! As your local community ventures out to support businesses like yours on Small Business Saturday, capitalize on the surge of online and offline traffic by utilizing some simple inbound marketing strategies.

Content Marketing versus Content Strategy: The Devil is In the Details

Content Strategy Digital Impact AgencyAn interesting discussion has taken shape in the content marketing world, with many content folks beginning to weigh in on the delineation between the terms “content strategy” and “content marketing.” Many might be tempted to say the distinction is pretty obvious – the first is an overall plan and the second is a piece of that plan.  But what makes this conversation compelling is that so many individuals and companies fail to see the distinction and consequently miss opportunities to optimize their content efforts – those efforts that get them in touch with their current and potential customers and allow them to communicate their vision, values, purpose and offerings to the wider world. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to pay attention to this discussion (as Robert Rose over at CMI pointed out recently in his article on the subject is that content marketing and content strategy require different skills sets. Because they require different skill sets, companies do themselves a disservice when they implement one thinking they’ve implemented both.

Content Marketing: Speaking to Your Audience

Content marketing is about the individual pieces of content you produce. A good content marketer creates compelling pieces – little masterpieces that are crafted to resonate with an audience and compel them toward some kind of action, whether that’s reading another blog post, requesting a demo, liking you on Facebook, etc. Content marketing is really about creating pieces that ‘speak’ to an audience. These pieces might be press releases, blog articles, eBooks, whitepapers, videos or even things like Tweets and status updates.

Breakthrough the Pinterest Clutter with Inbound Marketing


Why Pinterest for Business?

Social media is a busy place, and it can feel difficult to engage people through the clutter on some channels. Pinterest is not one of those channels. The beauty of Pinterest is that it features alluring visual content. And people like images. They’re easy to add, easy to digest (a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you know?) and often appeal to our aesthetic sensibilities (read: we like looking at pretty pictures). Even better, Pinterest can be used to drive not just website traffic, but revenue. Yes, you can get real money coming in because of activity on a social media site. This article discusses a few ways you can use Pinterest in your inbound marketing efforts to drive real results. We’ll highlight a few companies that have used it successfully to give you some ideas on how you can leverage Pinterest for your company.

Enterprise Sales and Marketing Alignment: Beyond Lead Scoring

sales marketing digital impact agency

We’ve talked about using lead scoring to improve marketing and sales alignment, but what are other areas that your teams may not be on the same page?  You’ve got your lead scoring system running smoothly.  You’ve defined what “sales-ready” means for your organization and have auto-scoring software, like HubSpot, in place to update your lead scores in real time.  But you still feel like your business could do better.  Here are a few areas your teams could benefit from better alignment.

Video Marketing: Creating Content for All Stages of the Buying Cycle

video marketing digital impact agency

Most of us realize the immense potential of video marketing as a tool for communicating with our digital audiences. We love to put video on our homepage as an introduction to our brand and product or service offerings. But how many of us stop there?

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