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Keeping Your Business Shareable and Relevant

Socially Shareable Digital Impact Agency

Sharing is caring. Or at least that is the sentiment with most people. This phrase should be considered by business owners and managers, and especially marketing managers. Social media has provided businesses the opportunity to do just that: share.

How Technology-Based Companies Use Inbound Marketing to Grow Relationships and Capture New Business

inbound marketing for technology firm digital impact agency

Marketing your business may seem like a cliché term, but it serves a critical role in building an industry presence and a loyal customer base. Traditional marketing strategies are still being used; however, their effectiveness is fading. One of the most powerful marketing strategies is inbound marketing. Technology firms use inbound marketing to connect with their target audiences in more engaging and meaningful ways. This generates leads, who ultimately become customers and brand promoters in the long-run. Inbound marketing not only appeals to your audience’s interests in a natural and non-invasive way, but it also saves marketers time and money.

Best Practices for Creating Value on Social Media Channels

social media marketing digital impact agency

Social media channels provide opportunities to grow your business while building strong customer relationships. According to Hubspot’s webinar, “Secrets to Success in Social Media in 2014,” new social media tools are emerging every day that make it possible for users to maximize online customer engagement and drive sales. Follow these best practices for creating value on social media channels.

How Manufacturers Use Inbound Marketing to Drive Business Results

Manufacturing infographic resized 600

Manufacturing companies face unique challenges in securing new and repeat business. Finding the time to connect with people who need and want your services can be difficult in a world characterized by more and more communication channels, particularly digital ones. Time and budget constraints present more obstacles.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns Using Twitter Online Conversion Tracking

social media marketing digital impact agency

Marketers are under constant pressure to justify the impact of marketing campaigns on their company’s bottom line. It is critical for marketers to use marketing metrics to understand the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

Enterprise Content Marketing in 2014

enterprise inbound marketing digital impact agency

Enterprise content marketing is evolving with the growing popularity of online marketing campaigns. As more people browse for information and shop online, companies can utilize relevant, targeted content to attract leads and move them through the sales cycle. In our previous article, How to Measure Enterprise Inbound Marketing Success, we discussed the key considerations you should identify and analyze when measuring the effectiveness of your inbound marketing campaigns.

How Color Plays a Vital Role in Branding

colors and branding digital impact agency

One of the major keys to success, if not the biggest key, is branding. Branding can be business or personal. People with talent are often encouraged to “brand themselves” and then market their brand. This doesn’t just signify sending out emails and hopping on Twitter five times a day. No, this means creating a persona that people can identify with. It means showing your personality even when you aren’t able to say anything.

4 Steps to Better Content Marketing for Manufacturers

content marketing strategy for manufacturers digital impact agency

Content is the heart of inbound marketing by building awareness, generating leads, and working day and night to convert leads into customers. Content seems to be everywhere, but how do you condense it in a way that not only makes sense to your target audience, but convinces them to ultimately become a customer for your product or service? The change in how people look for content online presents profitable opportunities for manufacturing companies to market more efficiently, effectively, and affordably. According to the B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing 2014 report, sponsored by Oracle Marketing Cloud, 86% of manufacturing marketers have adopted content marketing. To make the most of your content efforts, here are the steps you should follow to achieve effective and efficient manufacturing content marketing.

4 Tips for Effective Marketing Automation

marketing automation strategies digital impact agency

Marketing automation is a proven tool to enhance your content marketing strategy, but it must be utilized effectively to reap optimal benefits. According to a study by Sirius Decisions, 75% of businesses that use marketing automation claim they are not maximizing the full value from it. Although many companies are investing in marketing automation software, they often do not have the right standards and tools in place to complement their content marketing. Here are four tips for effective marketing automation to help you gain a better return on investment.

3 Key Steps to a Search, Social, and Content Marketing Audit for AEC Firms

inbound marketing assessment aec industry digital impact agency

In the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, an increasing number of firms are using inbound marketing strategies to optimize and socialize their marketing campaigns.

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